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pete carroll laugh2

Everything about Pete Carroll in Seattle feels right. The fanbase that quite literally shakes the Earth with its gameday roar has the league’s most energetic head coach, a man who’s seemingly on a constant caffeine drip as he defies all laws of human behavior at his quite elderly age. If you weren’t reminded nearly every game, it would be a very funny joke when someone told you that at 62 years young Carroll is behind only Tom Coughlin in age among NFL head coaches.

Now he’ll age a few more years in Seattle, though you’ll never know it. Late last night the Seahawks announced a press conference for later this afternoon, and the dot connecting didn’t take long.

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teddy B2

The quarterback draft fall is an interesting creature. As is the case with any breath and action a quarterback takes throughout his life, there’s far more attention given to his struggle.

WIth that uber importance and bright spotlight, a miss on a quarterback ends the unemployment of many people (see: Cleveland, Minnesota). This year as we sit currently just over a month away from the draft, a fall for one of the three quarterbacks hovering around the top ten feels inevitable, as does the name of that tumbler: Teddy Bridgewater.

But why him?

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chris johnson again2

Chris Johnson is many things, and few of those things are good right now. Set to turn 29 a few weeks into the 2014 season, he’s an old man by the standards of his position, a decline made even more real by his 2,014 career touches. He’s also a shell of his former self, with less explosive downfield shaking and/or baking, and much more backfield dancing that ends badly. He had only 1,077 rushing yards this past season, which is a drop of 287 yards from his total just a few years back in 2010, and he arrived there at a career low pace of 3.9 yards per carry.

Those numbers are bad news for a running back, and with Johnson that’s especially true when we toss in another awful digit: $8 million, his scheduled paycheck in 2014. It’s a hefty sum, and one set to make him the highest paid running back in the league not named Adrian Peterson next season if he stays with the Tennessee Titans.

Which is why he’s not staying with the Tennessee Titans.

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brian brohm2

The guy on the left isn’t better than the guy on the right.

The NFL draft is a hope factory, which is why it’s dissected relentlessly for weeks. The heart can’t control what it wants, but it’s important that throughout the process we all remember this: too often hope is mistaken for knowledge.

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Earlier this week I wondered if DeSean Jackson is worth all the money. Or, more specifically, if the Redskins could justify paying him the roughly $10 million annually he was seeking. To me the answer was a resounding negative for a number of reasons, but that answer is irrelevant now.

While the east coast was tucking in for an early spring slumber last night, Jackson was signing with the Washington Redskins. That’s not remotely surprising, as after spending two days meeting with the team’s various important people and eating several meals, leaving unsigned would have been a wee bit startling.

No, what’s surprising now are the reported terms being finalized this morning, with Jackson set to make $24 million over three years, $16 million of which is guaranteed.

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When I took a long, sorrow-filled look at the NFL running back last week and the decline of this particular football species in recent drafts, the evidence provided by free agency was a footnote. That was mostly done out of necessity, because even in late March the sample size to draw from of running back free agent signings this year was moderate at best. It was Ben Tate, followed by Rashad Jennings, and then a bunch of bit players and veterans.

That last part is still true. As is expected of a position where body breaking is an epidemic, the available names beyond Tate this year often have a very specific role they need to play if their new team wants a favorable return on their investment. It’s still an important role, though, one that in theory deserves fair financial compensation.

Well, define fair.

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Desean shhh2

Depending on a number of different variables (how long you’ve turned away from a screen of some kind, your time zone, and the last time you drank orange juice, to name a few) there’s somewhere between five and nine teams interested in the services of DeSean Jackson. Shortly after his release this past Friday afternoon the high end there was widely reported, and since then the lower digit seems more likely.

Three days after a bizarre event in our lives, here’s what we know, or think we know.

  • We know the Chiefs aren’t interested anymore after doing their due diligence, which is peculiar given their need at the position, and Andy Reid’s familiarity with Jackson.
  • We know there’s mutual interest with the Raiders, who can buy several islands with their cap room, and play their football in a state where their potential future employee grew up. So that’s something.
  • We think we know the Jets aren’t pursuing Jackson yet despite still having a wide receiver need even after signing Eric Decker. They’re holding back for…reasons (mostly price, the usual character concerns, and an upcoming WR-rich draft).
  • We know he has a meeting with the Redskins today, his first official free agent job interview.

That last one is pretty important.

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