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2013 NFL Combine

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o is still being viewed by several teams as a first-round selection in next week’s NFL draft, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen (via and rotoworld).

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Buddy Nix has been making news for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks. A couple of pranksters got the scoop of the off-season in Bills land, recording a conversation between Nix and Bucs GM Mark Dominik. During the conversation Nix laid his cards out on the table regarding the Bills’ tumultuous Quarterback situation.

“You can’t afford to pay that kind of money to a guy that’s fighting for probably a backup job,” then ended with, “we gotta get one somehow. Bad time to need it.”

The ‘guy’ was Ryan Fitzpatrick. A day after the conversation was released the Bills released Fitzpatrick. With Tarvaris Jackson the only QB under contract heading into the 2013 season, the Bills will be in the market for a signal caller when the draft rolls around in April.

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What, exactly, is troubling about a running back who has torn knee ligaments in back-to-back seasons? Everything.

Marcus Lattimore is confident that he’ll pull an Adrian Peterson. The problem with that ambitious goal doesn’t just lie in his ability to have a fully functioning knee that allows him to be capable of cutting and juking, and do the things that explosive and elite running backs do. Those things are merely the foundation for the worry which surrounds the former Gamecock who dislocated his left knee, and tore several ligaments in a late October injury. What goes beyond that is also what makes the comparisons to Willis McGahee poor.

Lattimore is trying to be Peterson, but he’s only a year removed from another ligament tear in the other knee. Yet we really think he could be worth a third-round pick? Yes. Maybe.

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Brace yourself, friends, because it’s coming. The relentless scrutiny of Manti Te’o has started, and it’ll reach its crescendo this week during the Combine, and stay there until, I dunno, April 25.

Te’o doesn’t like it, because of course he doesn’t. Yesterday he said that throughout the draft process he wants his value as a player to be judged solely by his on-field performance. As I wrote then, that’s oddly both absurdly unrealistic, and an ideal, utopian thought. The question of trust and mental toughness is primarily what will prompt the intense background digging, and fair enough. But what matters is how Te’o can contribute to a team’s front seven. If said team needs a middle linebacker, then his on-field capabilities should be the central focus.

But dig, dammit, and dig deep. The teams which have already begun that process have so far come up with…nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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There’s a meaningful game this weekend and it’s not the Super Bowl (duh) or the Pro Bowl. It’s the Senior Bowl, where many seniors (and a couple of juniors) will be showcasing their talents in front of scouts, hoping to get a shot in the pros. Because of the lack of NFL this weekend, the next two installments of The Tape Never Lies will feature five separate prospects from the offensive and defensive side of the ball that intrigue me and are worth monitoring as draft season approaches because of their potential at the next level.

First, let’s start with the offense.

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