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Words don’t exist to describe the awesomeness that is Bacarri Rambo’s name history. But since I’m a professional, I’ll try.

As the intense research of Andrew Zuber told us last week when he listed the top 100 names set to enter the NFL draft, Rambo has one the best names out of all the 2013 rookies this side of Barkevious Mingo. It’s a damn shame too, because his name was once even more incredibly fantastic, and had it stayed in its previous form he would have given Mingo a serious run.

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There’s a time of transition and great change beginning in Jacksonville. Or so we’ve been led to believe, at least, and for now that’s good enough. Hell, for now the fact that new general manager David Caldwell is repeatedly inserting a knife into the Tim Tebow rumors is plenty good enough.

Among their 2013 draft class, Luke Joeckel and Jonathan Cyprien will be the most hyped prospects, and rightfully so. One was a top three pick, and the other is a second rounder who could have easily been a first rounder, and they both fill key needs.

But in fantasyland, those who enjoy winning money and impressing friends and relatives (and doing both at the same time) should keep another name in mind as a potential deep sleeper: Denard Robinson.

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Tight end has become one of the most explosive, yet still mostly predictable fantasy positions. Generally, they can be separated into two groups: Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Jimmy Graham, Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten…and the rest.

Or maybe I was generous there, and we can knock that list of elite tight ends down to just three, two of which have pretty unoriginal nicknames (they’re really just shortened last names): Gronk, Graham, and Gonzo. In any competitive standard league, getting either of the first two will usually cost you an early second-round pick at best, and often a late first rounder, while Gonzalez doesn’t fall far behind. Those three were the only tight ends to score over 130 fantasy points in 2012, which is made even more incredible when you remember the time Gronkowski missed due to injury (five games).

I’ll get to the matter at hand in a minute here and dig into the short list of relevant fantasy tight end rookies who found homes during the draft, but what follows is important to explain why the pickings on said list are slim.

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Money making, man. Sometimes a bro just has to hustle. And oftentimes around these parts, stacking bills means betting on football.

Throughout the weekend we kept you abreast of the urgent and compelling money making opportunities during the draft throughout the first and second rounds. And during the season, we attempt to guide your charitable donations with weekly betting advice from Rob Pizzola. See, whether it’s through fake fantasy teams or real dollars on real people, we don’t mess around.

So after the draft and every pick which is instantly a potential boom or bust, new Super Bowl odds have been released, and thus also an updated way to make money.

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Getting drafted by an NFL team should be a special, gloriously blissful time in a young man’s life, regardless of the round. Sure, sooner is much better than later, but so very few of us even have an opportunity to tryout for an NFL team. Solider on son.

And for Tyler Wilson — the now former Arkansas quarterback who was selected by the Raiders in the fourth round Saturday — it was, of course. But his draft experience was also…interesting.

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I try not to get sentimental around here often. In fact, I try to be free of any human emotion whatsoever. Or maybe that’s just how I feel now in hour three on Day 3 of watching a ticker on multiple screens. Don’t forget, I burn retinas for a living so you don’t have to.

But it’s difficult to not dig up some pom poms for Marcus Lattimore. I won’t post the video again here (I’ve been guilty of that in the past), but when Lattimore shredded his knee in late October, in the immediate aftermath of the injury it was thought that living a normal existence would be an accomplishment. If you were to argue that his injury in that game is the most gruesome televised sports injury this side of Kevin Ware and Joe Theismann, you’d get little debate.

Then just a few months later, there was hope. First Lattimore ran in a pool, and then later he ran for scouts and completed a few basic drills during South Carolina’s Pro Day. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way, but there he was, talking about being healthy and ready for the 2013 regular season.

Now he’s the latest piece in a terrific draft by the 49ers, completing his improbable story (look how far we’ve come from showing no emotion, to outright swooning).

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Denard Robinson gets photobombed

Michigan’s Denard Robinson was drafted 135th overall Saturday by the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he may not have been the happiest person about the news after looking at this classic photobomb.