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Looking good, folks. Looking good.

Yes, positive news emerged out of Patriots HQ this afternoon.

Via the Boston Herald:

Tight end Aaron Hernandez practiced for the second consecutive day today, and there was a new twist to the wardrobe. For whatever reason, he was wearing his road white game jersey, which sticks out among a sea of bland practice jerseys.

Not only did Hernandez practice, the road jersey indicates he’ll be good to play on Sunday against a horrific Bills defense.

We’ll update you if there is any news to the contrary, but for now Hernandez should be inserted into starting lineups in all fantasy formats.

On the surface, the Aaron Hernandez problem is about as complicated as a hangover. You’re hurting, and the only cure is aspirin, more cowbell, and a backup tight end. When I’m under the dark cloud of liquid-induced self punishment, the first thing I need is a tight end. Also, a better metaphor helps.

Anywho, you get the idea. During a normal week, the Hernandez problem wouldn’t be all that unique. He’s practicing, but he’s hurting. So right now his playing status is unclear, and although clarity one way or the other will surely begin to emerge today and tomorrow, we likely won’t get a definitive word on his availability for New England’s game Sunday against the Bills until just before game time. ‘Tis the nature of the weekly custom of injury chasing, in which we as fantasy managers care far more about the body parts of fellow grown men than we do about, say, eating food.

So in that sense, most weeks there wouldn’t be anything special about Hernandez and his injury fight (sorry, Aaron). But this week there’s an exception due to the position he plays, and a highly appealing waiver wire option for owners who would need to desperately replace him if he can’t go.

The problem? That option plays Thursday. Or if you’d like that in more immediate terms, tonight.

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Yeah, um, this could really suck.

We know very little at this point beyond that, although there’s speculation Hernandez could have stayed home due to an upcoming life event that’s far more important than a football game. As is often the case with developing stories, there will surely be at least one really important looking update at the bottom of this post that screams at you in bold letters. Thankfully, we have the technology to do that. Few others do.

At first this is surprising, and then it sort of isn’t, mostly because Belichick.

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If we could go at least one week without a major injury decision involving a player in one of the late afternoon games or the primetime games, the normal headache I have on Sunday mornings after an evening of kool-aid drinking would be only moderately less severe.

Previously it’s been Brandon Lloyd and Reggie Bush, and Trent Richardson was kind enough to kick off our hair loss way back in Week 1. Now, it’s Aaron Hernandez who steps up to keep the streak alive. Thanks, Aaron.

You’re surely aware of the impending debacle that will finally come to a head this afternoon at about 3 p.m. ET when the inactives for the late games are announced, and we mercifully get a definitive decision from Bill Belichick regarding Hernandez’s playing status. Hernandez has been out since Week 2 when he suffered a severe ankle injury during the Patriots’ upset loss to Arizona.

His high ankle sprain is an injury that often lingers even after a player has recovered, and it zaps burst and explosiveness. Now he’s likely ready for a quick comeback today from an injury that could have kept him out for up to six weeks. But even though he may be available to deploy today, injury expert Jene Bramel thinks Hernandez’s owners are far from assured of seeing his normal elite upside. Translation: there’s a lot of risk here, and very unnecessary risk.

But the problem for you, the anxious Hernandez owner, isn’t necessarily whether or not he plays. Oh sure, playing or not playing is sort of important, especially with the Patriots kicking off against the Seahawks at 4:05 ET on the west coast, a game that starts along with only three other late afternoon games that are vastly outnumbered by the seven early games. Instead, though, the larger problem is that kickoff time.

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New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who has been out of action since Week 2, when he suffered a high ankle sprain against the Arizona Cardinals, could be listed as a game-time decision for Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

As we’ve become accustomed to with head coach Bill Belichick, we won’t officially know his status until Saturday at the earliest, but we do know he was absent for Friday’s practice that is open to the media. Belichick did confirm Hernandez practiced late last week, and again Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so if you really read into things, having his bags packed for the long cross-country trip makes you think he will take the field in Seattle. At least he hopes he will.

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It’s mostly tears over cheers for the late games, with far more notable inactives than actives. Pessimism > optimism.


Aaron Hernandez (Ankle): No surprise here. Despite the optimism and the encouraging early return to practice Thursday, Hernandez is inactive again. Rob Gronkowski will continue to get more targets along with Wes Welker, who doesn’t have anyone to take away his slot workload, especially with Julian Edelman (hand) also out again. Expect Hernandez to be back for Week 6 after the progress he made this week.

Jon Beason (Knee): Rookie Luke Kuechly will start at middle linebacker with Beason out. While Beason is the defensive anchor for Carolina and one of the few efficient tacklers on a poor rushing D, Kuechly isn’t much of a downgrade.

Laurent Robinson (concussion): With Robinson out, Justin Blackmon becomes the primary deep option for Blaine Gabbert, assuming of course that Gabbert is capable of completing a pass with some degree of frequency today.

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If you woke up hoping for good news on the Aaron Hernandez front, just go back to bed. Do it now, and fantasize about a better fantasy.

When the only slightly lesser half of the Patriots tight end behemoth injured his ankle during Sunday’s upset loss to the Cardinals, we originally heard that no bones had snapped, and no muscles had folded. That was splendid, but those who wept tears of joy over that news likely also don’t know what President Obama’s last name is, because naiveness.

Then we learned that he’d be out for up to six weeks, which sounded awful, yet logical. But lo, hope was restored once more by the next giver of optimism, ESPN’s James Walker, who wrote that Hernandez will be out until at least October, which is only a two-game absence. So now we’ve made the next successive step, and found a timeline that falls a little more in the middle.

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