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You’ll have to excuse me if the pep is lacking a little this morning. You see, usually my excuse for such sluggishness in the pre-coffee hours of a Monday morning is the 14 or so hours I spend watching football and football-related television content on a Sunday. I know, this is a pretty tough gig.

But on this particular morning, there’s a far more damaging tale of woe that’s crushing my soul.

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Labor strife is running rampant in just about every sector of industry. The NHL will probably lock out their players at the end of this week. The CAW has urged its workers to prepare for a strike as a September 17th deadline approaches between the Union and the big three auto-makers in Detroit. Violence has become common place in a heated battle between diamond mine owners and their employees in South Africa. Closer to home, staff at the downtown Toronto Hyatt staged a one day walkout during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Obviously some of these matters are more serious than others – in the case of the miners in South Africa, people have lost their lives on both sides.

The NFL is not immune. After narrowly avoiding a work stoppage last year, Roger Goodell has played hardball with another group of employees who are integral to the NFL’s on-field product.

Undoubtedly the presence of replacement officials one week into the new season has been impossible to miss. Improperly signaled¬†penalties, falsely awarded timeouts, and missed calls have drawn criticism from players and fans alike. Read the rest of this entry »

I now have to trust this man, and I will therefore soon hate this man.

The true source of fantasy football addiction/obsession/infatuation isn’t the monetary winnings, or even the convenient excuse to research random stuff that the normal human mind wouldn’t consider, although the pull is quite strong there. No, ripping on your friends and beating Jim from accounting — that guy with the strange accent who didn’t return your stapler — is the real fun.

Thus, we also get great joy out of some harmless jabs that don’t involve mothers. So why don’t you join me as I insult my co-workers? You can rip me too. It’ll be great fun.

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This man isn't a running back.

I get the temptation. Really, I do, and taking Aaron Rodgers with your top three pick isn’t necessarily a bad strategy. It’s one being used widely enough since Rodgers’ ADP does indeed slot him into that lofty draft real estate. There’s just a better strategy.

Stay old school, and believe in the power of the bell cow RB.

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It’s a great time to be alive. The summer sun is at its peak, and soon we’ll all see it shining brightly from the comfort of our well-carved couch grooves as we watch meaningless preseason football, and try to determine if the seventh receiver on the depth chart runs a good post route.

For a highly-addicted segment of the football-watching population, there’s an even greater form of virtual cocaine lurking later this month. Madden.

It’s almost time to completely abandon your family and work obligations, and trap yourself in a basement with three weeks of Chef Boyardee to ration. So if your football thirst isn’t satiated by quarterback competitions, players who sucked and still suck, or Tim Tebow running in the rain, then surely your level of arousal will raise quickly as the Madden release date of Aug. 28 creeps closer.

Each year when the Madden player ratings are released, players are either elated or pissed off, but never indifferent. This year we get a whole week to dissect the ratings for each position, because Electronic Arts is releasing positional ratings each week leading up to the game’s launch.

The quarterbacks kicked things off today, with Aaron Rodgers declared the best virtual QB in the virtual universe. Here’s the full top 10 list:

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