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Adrian Peterson will maybe, probably, most likely play this weekend. As Jene Bramel told us yesterday, that in itself is a remarkable achievement considering both his significant injuries (torn ACL and MCL, and meniscus damage), and the lateness of his injury, with the blow coming during the Vikings’ final game of the 2011 season. There’s concern over Jamaal Charles, for example, but not nearly as much because he tore only his ACL, and he did it in Week 2, meaning he’s three months ahead of Peterson in his recovery.

Peterson’s playing status for Sunday when the Vikes open their season at home against Jacksonville is the kind of status that’s vague and aggravating. Ahhh, the game-time decision, always fueling both optimism and angst. Unlike, say, Marshawn Lynch and his likely gameday call due to back spasms, your choice to start or not to start Peterson should be easy.

Just stay the hell away.

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The risk of another neck injury for Peyton Manning is actually low. But that doesn't mean he's safe.

Safety is an elusive, nearly extinct creature in fantasy football. We want the guys who won’t get injured on our team, but then all the guys who were supposed to stay healthy sustain all of the injuries, and you’re left as the proud owner of Jamaal Charles or Darren McFadden, both of whom were cursed by the mighty hand of injury death early last year.

Drafts are over now, so you’re aware of the frailty of a reliance on non-frailty. That very subject — the matter of injury proneness, and if a player really is or isn’t injury prone — was recently the center of an interesting discussion around the online fantasy community. Jene Bramel, a pediatrician and an injury expert who provides analysis of all the strains and tears around the league for the Football Guys, argued that while the instinct to be hesitant with someone like McFadden is understandable given his recent history, classifying him as an injury threat is often arbitrary, and is based on the assumption that there’s a pattern connected to a completely random and sudden event (a hit which causes an injury).

In a digital exchange to kick off what will become a weekly Wednesday post, I asked Bramel to expand on those thoughts, and whether or not medical research will ever reach a point where a player can legitimately be deemed injury prone. But first I picked his brain about a few of the primary injury concerns for fantasy owners as we continue to roll towards opening night, and the opening weekend.

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I know you’re afraid of Adrian Peterson. We all are after seeing his menacing mugshot.

But fear not, friends, because he’s been practicing in full pads for over a week now, and his injured knee where there was once a torn ACL still hasn’t combusted. Grab that draft bargain while you can.

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When Adrian Peterson is healthy, he’s the best running back in the NFL.

But he’s not healthy.

Adrian Peterson has a rare combination of strength and speed, and can both bowl you over and juke you to the ground.

But he tore his ACL in the final game last year, and at this point you’re not sure if he can be trusted to carry your groceries up a set of stairs, let alone anchor your fantasy backfield.

Adrian Peterson says he’s fine, though, and he’s been back at practice and working out in full pads for over a week now without a setback of any kind.

But he won’t play in a pre-season game, meaning his first game action since tearing apart his knee will come in an environment with the intensity heightened, and the opposition more motivated to see if he really has healed.

This is the kind of internal battle happening right now wherever fantasy draft prep is taking place, whether it’s a kitchen table, on public transit, or a treehouse. There’s optimism growing quickly around Peterson, even if the “buts” are still making a strong case. To a lesser extent the same discussion surrounds Jamaal Charles, but the Chiefs running back has quieted concerns by participating in both of his team’s pre-season games, and taking hits directly to his own injured knee.

The difference, however, is that Charles tore his ACL way back in Week 2 of last year, giving him a three-month head start in his recovery before the 2011 season even ended. Peterson, meanwhile, waited until the regular-season finale to do his own shredding, leaving potential fantasy owners to wait, hope, and maybe eventually guess.

So what should you do with Peterson? Nothing, because at the position where he’s currently being drafted, there’s nothing you can do. Just have faith, and hope history repeats itself (in a good way).

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