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Ryan Grigson has established himself as a fairly good talent evaluator, and he’s done it fairly quickly. The Indianapolis Colts general manager has re-tooled a roster once devoid of talent, and made it into a respectable team in a short time by building around his core players, and adding small but equally important pieces. One of his finest signings could end up being running back Ahmad Bradshaw.

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When a player is hurting in early March, he risks being discarded during free agency. Knowingly buying damaged goods is the kind of practice which turns a general manager into a fan rather quickly.

This brings us to the fate of Ahmad Bradshaw, the now former New York Giants running back who’s actively seeking employment after he was cut. The problem is that he’s had far too many holes drilled in his right foot and left knee, enough that you can actually hear the wind whistling through (not really). Most recently he needed a screw replaced with a larger screw in his foot following this past season. Needing to reinforce the metal in your bones is bad.

It was the third procedure he’s had on the same foot, and he’s set to turn just 27 later this month. So, how’s the metal-infused foot doing now, Ahmad?

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Being an NFL running back is a young man’s game, as there are very few other professions on this Earth in which the employee is considered old at the age of 27 (modeling? Sure). But that’s the creaky age Ahmad Bradshaw is set to turn in a month.

Combine that with the salary he’s due in 2013 ($3.75 million), his chronic sideline perch after breaking or ripping something (he’s missed six games over the past two seasons), and the presence of David Wilson in the Giants backfield after he was a first-round pick last spring, and the veteran was a prime cut candidate in these early days following the season’s official conclusion.

That’s what happened this afternoon, as the Giants released Bradshaw to save $2.75 million in cap space.

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This is only mildly surprising, as many positive words have been said and written about Ahmad Bradshaw’s injury status after he practiced Friday. Following that it felt like he had about a 70-ish percent chance of playing, and those odds increased when he told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols yesterday that he’d be on the field against Baltimore.

But yes, now he’s officially active, although that doesn’t change my stance from earlier on the sit/start decision you had to make at noon involving the Giants’ running back since today’s 11 early afternoon games are now reaching their conclusion. Bradshaw will play, but we still can’t be confident in his workload, how heavy it will be, and how much David Wilson will eat into a hobble RB’s carries.

There’s still a very real possibility that Wilson gets 8-10 carries, and in that scenario Bradshaw would have to either score, or break off a major run to have significant fantasy value. Sitting him was the right call.

I’m writing these words with the full knowledge that they could blow up all over my face. I mean that literally, too. Around 4:30 p.m. ET this afternoon when Ahmad Bradshaw already has like 42 yards on six carries in just the first quarter of the Giants’ game against the Ravens, the words here will attack in tornado formation (you know, sort of those wild and super cray tornado fish) and beat me down. This happens every Sunday. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

I don’t own Bradshaw on any of my teams, but as I often do while dissecting fantasy questions and strategy, I tried to insert myself into the mind of a Bradshaw owner during this fateful hour or so before today’s 11 early games kick off. It’s a dark and scary place where dreams go to die.

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Much of what’s written here doesn’t apply to Ahmad Bradshaw owners who are also David Wilson owners, and I suspect/assume that’s many of you. When Bradshaw experienced his latest body breaking two weeks ago his owners promptly made a waiver claim on Wilson if he wasn’t already on their roster, giving you a reliable handcuff.

But what if that doesn’t apply to you? There were likely just as many of you who own Bradshaw, but you were beaten to Wilson on the wire after his stock rose swiftly following Week 14 when he had 327 all-purpose yards, establishing a new Giants record. If that does indeed describe you, then there’s a strong possibility that Bradshaw could be at the center of a decision that will determine — or at least dramatically impact — the outcome of your fantasy championship.

No pressure.

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Owners of the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw can remain frustrated with the former 2007 seventh round draft pick, after the running back once again was absent from practice with a knee injury. Bradshaw indicated he still hopes to play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, but the final decision will be made by doctors, and not coach Tom Coughlin.

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