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Of the four quarterbacks who were injured a week ago — three with concussions — Ben Roethlisberger was on one end of the spectrum, as although it took a day or two for official word to filter down, immediately it seemed like his chances of playing in Week 11 were minimal. But Alex Smith was on the other when positive reports percolated throughout the week, and he was able to practice on a limited basis.

Good news is good, or so we thought. But head injuries are an unpredictable game, and in a surprise development on the morning of the San Francisco 49ers’ Monday night game against the Chicago Bears, Smith was unable to get clearance from a neurologist, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. So he’ll sit and we’ll get a Colin Kaepernick sighting, and the mobile Tim Tebow-ish QB except for the part about not being able to throw will start his first regular-season NFL game under the prime-time lights against the NFL’s fifth-ranked defense. Good luck, kid.

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Those of you championing for the Colin Kaepernick era to begin in San Francisco will have to wait at least one more week. Again, injuries concerning the head are prone to swings in both the positive and negative direction. Keep an eye on Smith’s status as the week progresses.

His match-up this week is quite unfavourable –at home versus the Bears– so even if he is able to play, you may want to leave to Smith on the bench.

What a world.

In real-time, it was about 15 minutes between Eagles fans finally getting what they wished for so deeply — but getting it the hard way when Michael Vick left with a concussion and Nick Foles came in — and Alex Smith getting gonged with a helmet-to-helmet hit, suffering a concussion of his own during the 49ers-Rams game. Everything is happening.

Smith will miss the remainder of the game. He’s been replaced by Colin Kaepernick, and that may be an upgrade for fantasy purposes. Yes, I’m aware that I’m a cold-hearted dick for thinking that while a human just had his brains scrambled. Give me your worst.

Smith’s fantasy production is the epitome of average, and average is fine during bye weeks. But with byes ending next week, having the mobile and elusive Kaepernick under center for any length of time might be the jolt that Vernon Davis needs. Karpernick’s versatility could create opportunities and open space, and when he inevitably gets into trouble he’ll turn to his tight end security blanket first.

Due to both my country upbringing and my time as a mushroom farm employee, I’ve experienced aspects of farm life that you city slicker folk only see in them movies with the big screens and the projectors and stuff. Example: did you know that chicken crap is essential for mushroom growth? Yeah, go eat that delicious mushroom melt for lunch now.

However, despite my experience with such pungent odors and the other pleasant, permeating scents of country life, I’ve never heard of a jive turkey gobbler. Jim Harbaugh is aware of an entire breed of animal that modern science hasn’t discovered.

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