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It’s been a slice, Colts.

Also, Ray Lewis thinks you’re getting sleeeeppppyyyyyy…

Now you can experience it too in repeated slow motion.

Andrew Luck has been sacked three times so far, including this latest head-rattling courtesy of Paul Kruger, who also stripped him in the first quarter. It seems there may be some sort of connection between a finally healthy Ravens defense (or almost…still miss you, Lardarius Webb) and their ability to hurt people.

Somewhere, Joe Webb is chuckling softly between sobs.

And this is what age looks like…

I sense a disturbance in the fantasy force this week. You’re worried about injuries (yes, Bryce Brown will start), and you have quarterback quandaries involving quarterbacks who are nearly identical in production and value.

So you had lots of questions, which led to some interesting explorations of scenarios and issues, and I may have even supplied a few answers. You can be the judge of that. But read on, and we can be enlightened, confused, and afraid together.

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Actually, he’s just good. But he’s even better at home, which is nice since he’s, you know, enjoying the warm comforts of home today as his Colts host the Bills at Lucas Oil Stadium. You’re likely aware that Luck has been super awesome at home, a fact that becomes clear with even a casual, quick glance at the numbers beside his name in game logs throughout the Internet.

But when one of those numbers is broken down further, anyone who’s lingering over a last-minute roster decision involving Luck can chill, make a few clicks to slot him in, and go back to eating Fruit Loops and such.

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They lived in the city of Baltimore, they live in the city of Indianapolis, they had Tony Dungy, they have Chuck Pagano/Bruce Arians, they had Dallas Clark, they have Dwayne Allen, they had Jacob Tamme, they have Coby Fleener, they had the 4-3 defense, they have the 3-4 defense, they had Johnny Unitas, they had Peyton Manning, and now they have Andrew Luck.

The Colts have been at the top and the bottom of the NFL in the last few years, and I didn’t expect them to be back near the upper echelon so quickly. About a week into the season, I sat at one of my colleagues house’s watching the Chicago Bears dismantle the Colts, and I foolishly predicted Indianapolis would win only five games in 2012. Ten weeks through the season, they sit 6-3. A big reason why the Colts have surpassed that mark and made me look like I was three sheets to the wind when I said that is rookie signal-caller Andrew Luck. The No. 1 overall selection has been excellent and his raw statistics — 57.5 completion percentage, 10 touchdowns, 9 interceptions — don’t do him justice.

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When Andrew Luck throws, the result is often a perfectly-placed spiral, a sight we saw often last night during the latest Colts uprising, and the latest reminder that the Jacksonville Jaguars are clinging to their status as a professional football team.

The spirals and passing proficiency were expected, as is the case with any first-overall pick at the quarterback position. The running and scoring wasn’t, or at least not to this extent.

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