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Despite his status as the most golden of all the golden boy quarterbacks in recent memory, there was good reason for Andrew Luck’s draft stock to be at a lower, and more safe level as we all assembled our teams late this past summer. He doesn’t have the dynamic rushing ability of Robert Griffin III, and at the time before the injury problems of Pierre Garcon and Fred Davis, it didn’t look like he had nearly the same support and weaponry either. Luck was set to chuck to an aging Reggie Wayne, two rookie tight ends, an injury mess in Donnie Avery, and another looming rookie question mark in T.Y. Hilton.

So we waited on Luck, and waited some more. Now that decision is looking, well, unwise.

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Bill Parcells once said “if they don’t bite as pups, they probably don’t bite” when talking about his young franchise, a quote that still applies to the Indianapolis Colts, and especially this past Sunday. The Colts bit hard into the Green Bay Packers after coming back from an 18-point deficit at halftime and upsetting them for the 30-27 victory. The win was a special one, not only because it leveled their record for the season, but because of their absent head coach.

Chuck Pagano was was diagnosed with leukemia days earlier and forced to take an emergency leave from the team. In his honor, the team played their hearts out and were “Chuckstrong” during their comeback as they drove down the field multiple times, including a 13-play, 81-yard drive that used up nearly four minutes of the fourth quarter clock and sealed a win. The Colts were led by rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and ageless veteran Reggie Wayne.

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1. Andrew Luck

These here young quarterbacks seem to know how to play some football. Last week it was Robert Griffin III being athletic, fast, and strong, and generally doing the awesome things we expected he’d do while wearing really bad socks as he finished with 320 passing yards on 12.3 yards per attempt with two TDs, the first of which was an 88 yarder.

Rather ridiculously, those who have chronically jerky knees asked if the Colts made the right move by taking Andrew Luck over RG3 with their first overall pick last spring. Because, you know, numbers in the first games of their respective careers should be projected over the next decade or so.

Now Luck has come back with 146 passing yards and two touchdowns in just the first half today, and he’s also shown his own versatility with 20 rushing yards. The youthful enthusiasm is spreading to Reggie Wayne, who had 135 receiving yards last week, and has 44 yards and a touchdown so far today.
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I’ve been sitting back and analyzing preseason play, and in analyzing it, I have tried to avoiding to be “that guy”. We all know who that guy is; he’s the one who over analyzes the exhibition play of players — particularly rookies — and determines if they are going to be a colossal bust or the best thing since the creation of the internet (how great has that been?).

That guy.

With that said, Indianapolis Colts No. 1 overall pick and quarterback Andrew Luck has been fantastic, perhaps Manningtastic. In his two preseason games, he’s made dozens of dazzling throws while remaining poised in the pocket and displaying a complete understanding of the game en route to scoring drives.

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We’re just a few hours away from the kickoff for the final game in the first week of fake football, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones quite anxious to begin a season that brings his franchise back to the days of glory holes. Oakland sure seems like a fine place to start that journey.

So as you mentally prepare for your first Jon Gruden exposure of the 2012 season by wedging Double-A batteries deep into your ear drums, let’s take a look back at the most prominent developments and observations that inspire rants from the weekend of preseason play. When we left off on our meandering through meaningless but important football on Thursday, we were reminded that Julio Jones is pretty good, and Bob Griffin was also alright. As is often the case during preseason games, much of the focus is on the quarterbacks, and the young arms who are either playing their first game, or are continuing to develop after an inconsistent Year 1.

Andrew Luck is one of those arms, and it seems he may have a future. Maybe.

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