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When Andy Dalton came out out Texas Christian University (TCU) nearly three years ago, he was billed as a top ┬átier quarterback and one of the “great decision makers in college football history.” Three years into his NFL career, he’s been anything but. The Bengal hasn’t developed as a decision maker and is struggling to find open receivers at the second and third levels of the field. He’s still operating at a college level.

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The Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders are making strides as organizations, but they’re still miles apart. That was evident this past Sunday, as the Bengals tormented their opponent with a throttling 34-10 victory. Cincinnati now sits at 6-5 and is on the verge of entering the knockout stages of the National Football League, while Oakland sulks near the basement of the AFC West once again with a mere three wins to their name, although I’m not entirely sure if they’re truly that poor of a club.

While the Raiders were rebuilding, the Bengals kept on building their lead. They threw touchdown after touchdown with short pass after short pass, which was akin to a rolling ball of paper cuts. Ins, outs, shoots, and slants were the routes of choice for the Bengals, and the Raiders seemingly had no answer for them. The slants, in particular, were detrimental to the Raiders’ defense, especially the Double Slants concept.

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Fantasy trade deadlines are around the corner, meaning it’s time to get active since this will be your last chance to make significant changes to your roster.

In this week’s edition of the Trading Post, we get ready to cut ties with a very productive quarterback, and we seize the opportunity to dump an unreliable running back.

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