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Please, step right up. Yes, come one and come all to the grand Friday blog show, a time when it seems the insanity of the recently concluded holiday season, the warp-speed spinning of the coaching carousel, and the general frenzy of the NFL season have all finally combined to turn the league into a funhouse.

We — and again, by extension the league — have been all business and no play recently. Damn you, coaches and your unemployment. Quickly this morning that’s changed, and we’re supplying you with all of the irreverence. First there was Rex Ryan with a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey, and since we’re talking Jets and Ryan here, it’s only shocking that the tat wasn’t on his pinky toe.

And now suddenly, Ed Werder is a funny man.

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There are, at minimum, four coaching moves expected today or very early this week which will be greeted with the kind of surprise I showed as a 12-year-old on Christmas morning when a hockey stick was wrapped and ready under the tree. It looked like a hockey stick, and therefore it was a hockey stick. When the element of surprise is gone, we yawn and move on to the next cool thing.

For the Eagles, that neat and fun toy could be Chip Kelly.

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Keep your head up, big buy.

Any Reid offered words of confidence, but they meant so very little. They mean little to Michael Vick, and they meant little to Juan Castillo.

Now, Castillo is gone, finally becoming the victim of his own incompetence as a defensive coordinator.

The Eagles fired Castillo this morning, with Reid putting the usual boiler plate reaction on the decision, saying it was a hard one make while packing Castillo’s belongs in a box, and sending off the first casualty of another mediocre season thus far for a team with a talent level that’s far above any form of mediocrity. It’s not hard to connect the dots back to Reid, though, and beyond just the record of his under-performing team. That’s simply because Castillo was in his position after being appointed by Reid, even though he had no experience whatsoever as a defensive coordinator after spending his entire time with the Eagles on the other side of the ball, first as an offensive assistant, and then later coaching the tight ends and the offensive line.

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Bill Belichick stared lovingly into Andy Reid’s moustache, and said the words Reid had been longing to hear “Andy,” Bill said softly, “There’s an entire chicken wing stuck in your cookie-duster.”

It’s that time of the week folks, garbage time.

A time where you can grab an alcoholic beverage, sit back, and count down the hours until the weekend. While you count down those hours (and pray that your boss doesn’t catch you swigging that booze), join me as I review pictures from this week’s NFL exhibition games, and struggle to write hilarious captions.

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