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peyton wave2

The only thing worse than figuring out how to start a goodbye post is settling on something poetic, and filled with more cornball sauce than one can possibly tolerate. And even worse than that is writing about how to write your goodbye post as you’re writing it.

Thankfully, this isn’t a goodbye post. Phew.

It’s a public service announcement of sorts because it’s moving day around here. In the larger, broad Internet sense, I’m not going anywhere. I just won’t be here specifically, with all content moving over to our fancy new author pages, which is where you’ll also be able to find Alen Dumonjic‘s tape guru work.

You’ve likely noticed that since last summer the format here has changed, and we’ve gone from being news-based and pumping out bundles of quick-hitting posts daily, to instead focusing on more in-depth work, taking the time to explore ideas and concepts surrounding the game of football. The reaction to news hasn’t at all gone away, but now there’s time to be more nuanced.

Officially this is the final post for 100 Yards and Running (previously Goal-Line Stand), and the last time you’ll see new content under the banner above, with all the old content that’s given you smiles and me sweats archived and staying here. Also officially: that same content will be available in a fresh, shiny, and new location.

So come on over. Draft season is heating up now, and the 2014 NFL schedule will be announced tonight. Before you know it late July will be here, with training camps opening and a glorious new NFL season upon us. The league calendar will keep flipping away, I’ll keep writing, and you’ll keep reading.

fitz ince

Larry Fitzgerald’s idea of a vacation is…different.

Hello kind readers. I hope you’re enjoying a fine sunny Saturday filled with the many beverages of the season, and as you’re checking in now briefly to see what you could have possibly missed around the NFL on a mid-June weekend, you’re delighted to see the story of Vladimir Putin pwning Robert Kraft. This league is truly filled with endless treasure.

But alas, you’ll have to enjoy that bottomless pit of comedy without me for a brief time. This is me telling you that I’m taking a little vacation away from a job in which I write about football.

I’m escaping to a far off Ontario mountain destination few men have traveled, and I’ve only packed enough supplies for three nights. If you guys don’t hear from me by Wednesday morning — when regular daily content will resume, god willing — then send help.

Surely nothing will happen in my absence on a Monday and Tuesday in June, right? Hmmm, let’s look back at this past Monday:

Welp, OK then. See ya later.


Dear dedicated reader (hi mom!),

The time has come for us to rest our weary heads for a week after a playoff run that was pretty neat. By “us” I mean me, mostly because I’m selfish like that.

At this time tomorrow I’ll be somewhere high in the air on my way to a glistening Caribbean beach (assuming my plane isn’t currently buried under a snow fortress). I’ll take advantage of the internationally recognized vacation pardon which applies to normal male drinking rules, and I’ll drink many drinks with tiny umbrellas, and others which can be sipped from pineapples.

As such, things will be slow around here until Feb. 19 when I return, and normal daily content resumes. Alen Dumonjic will be around next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as he continues to break down this year’s top draft prospects tape style, and Devang Desai and/or Darren Kritzer may or may not chime in sporadically with some musings on the newsy NFL events of mid February.

Since this little PSA post has been about me and only me, I’d like to take a quick moment to thank you. Yes you right there, because last week during the rather significant season-ending football match and the hypefest that preceded it, this here blogging space had some pretty incredible traffic numbers. Thanks for that, and I’ll try not to disappoint you if you’re new around these parts (note: I’ll probably disappoint you).

See you in a week or so then, and stay safe out there during the first Sunday without football.