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Today is all of your birthdays in one day, and right now every NFL writer is as giddy as old age home residents settling in for a Matlock marathon, or even better, a 28-year-old man(?) watching multiple episodes of the original G.I. Joe series (true story: this happened in the early morning hours Saturday, and I feel no shame). Free agency day, guys. The best.

But first before we go about the business of spoon feeding you every imaginable rumor and doing one final preview of the madness that will begin this afternoon at 4 p.m. ET, let’s use the magic of gambling to take one more look back on yesterday’s insanity.

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We will remember this as the day all the wide receivers were traded.

Earlier the Percy Harvin trade that was never happening and then it happened because of course it did went down, with the Seahawks paying a heavy yet very necessary price for a young, athletic wideout to pair with their young, athletic quarterback. Youth, man. We all want it.

Now another wide receiver has been traded, but this time for a price that’s about the equivalent of the dollar values hanging from the discount bargain bins at your local Kwik-E-Mart. This particular pass catcher isn’t young, but he played a major role in both the Ravens’ run to a championship, and Joe Flacco making bank.

His name is Anquan Boldin, and he’s been traded to the 49ers — the team he just helped to beat in the Super Bowl — for a sixth-round pick.

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