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Never, ever change, New York Jets. Please, always stay the same, and just do you. Be the toxic, self-depreciating mess you know you can be, and never develop the ability to self-censor, or think coherently while speaking to the media, and by extension your fans, coaches, teammates, and the universe.

When the thought of using Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie at wide receiver occasionally this year first surfaced, there was a distinct smell of desperation in the air. Then yesterday when he told the gaggle of gums who host ESPN’s First Take that if he had to rank himself among the Jets’ current wide receivers he’d be No. 2 behind only Santonio Holmes, the odor permeating through the training camp air took on a far more familiar flavor. Steaming hot crap.

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Last Friday the Jets told a joke. It was so funny that I even wrote it down in my diary.

They said that Antonio Cromartie may be deployed at wide receiver on occasion. While he’s certainly athletic, his explosiveness as a cornerback and/or return man doesn’t match, say, Devin Hester’s, meaning that slotting a career corner out wide seems like little more than a desperate plea for help.

It’s now Tuesday night, and the Jets are still talking about playing Cromartie at wide receiver and adding more gizmos to their offensive gadgetry led by Tim Tebow, even though through six professional seasons Cromartie’s never had a reception. Or, more accurately, Cromartie is talking about being a receiver, and he’s talking rather boastfully, a truly rare occurrence in the Jets’ locker room. Which leads us to deduce that something–most likely more practice time at the position–is feeding his confidence.

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