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Only a few can get by without a consistent, bruising and chain-moving running game. In this pass-heavy league, your quarterback must be able to handle all of the responsibilities at the line of scrimmage, including checking into and out of good and bad plays, and then make the necessary throws to keep drives moving. Only a few can reliably do that.

Andy Dalton is not one of the few. That’s why the Bengals’ lack of rushing production over the last few weeks, even the entire year, is a bit troubling going into this weekend’s bout with the Chargers. In combination, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard averaged 3.75 yards per carry during the season, well below the accepted average. They’ve picked up yards in chunks at times, however, especially Bernard, and they’ll have to rely on that once again.

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Today we were reminded once again that the Raiders suck, but at least this time it came in a unique way. Points for creativity, BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

The Law Firm’s rather random Sunday romp of the Raiders leads our thoughts and observations following the eight early games during this fine Week 12 Sunday. Many more words and rants follow after that.

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