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Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about gameplans. He’s responsible for some of best the NFL has ever seen, so you couldn’t blame him if he was to recycle one every now and then. It’s a habit that’s worked frequently.

Against the Denver Broncos in Week 12 (his team’s AFC title game opponent), there were shades of the 1991 Super Bowl gameplan that he used to thwart the Buffalo Bills’ high-powered, fast-paced offense. If he used a similar approach again this weekend it wouldn’t surprise anyone, including former New York Giants area scout Greg Gabriel, who worked with Belichick for six seasons.

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I usually don’t take anything Michael Irvin says seriously, mostly because I can’t understand his words through the laughing that lasts four hours. If I had a basic small talk conversation with Irvin, I imagine it would sound something like this:

Me: Hey Mike, what are you doing today?

Irvin: haha

Me: Any plans? Anything at all going on?

Irvin: HAHA

Me: why are you laughing?

Irvin: ha

Me: No really, is there something on my face? Did I put my shirt on backwards this morning? I’ve done that before.

Irvin: hahaha University of Miami hahaha

Me: I hate you

So as I continue with this post, I do it with the disclaimer that when Irvin says words, they’re usually the kind of words that insult the very language he’s speaking. Therefore, he has to say something that’s particularly ridiculous to warrant mention.

He wants to rename the Lombardi Trophy to the Lombardi/Belichick Trophy. Is that good enough?

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