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If you were hesitating on grabbing Chad Henne in fear of Blaine Gabbert’s revenge laden return to the crucible that is EverBank Field you can stop.

It’s Henne time in Jacksonville. The Titans and their horrible defense visit Jacksonville this weekend. You could do worse –Ponder, Locker and Rivers are the names that immediately spring to mind.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet, and Blaine Gabbert is improving. It’s somewhat unpopular to speak in praise of the Jaguars quarterback and call him anything but a bust since the franchise is in a state of emergency (!), and general manager Gene Smith should definitely trade for local superhero Tim Tebow to save the day. That’s what critics want you to believe, but under the hot — really hot — Florida sun, there has been incremental improvement in the performance of the 2011 first rounder that will furrow the faces of even his most passionate critics.

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It’s true, sort of, maybe a little bit.

This is the first time that Blaine Gabbert has ever mattered as a fantasy commodity, which says two things about the waiver wire this week:

1. It’s a dark, depressing place.

2. It hates you.

So with that ringing endorsement, let’s take a look.

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Physically at least, but maybe emotionally. Or perhaps he’s just not that good anymore, and never was, but we’ll leave those barbs for another day. We still understand human emotion around here, although we try not to acknowledge it.

During the Jaguars loss to Oakland that was surprisingly entertaining in a Three Stooges meets Donald Duck sort of way, the cruel hand of darkness spun its evil powers on Gabbert. Just when he began to look competent again for the first time in a long time, he was crunched and left with a shoulder injury. At first the severity was unclear, although Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said his starting quarterback has a good chance to play in Week 8.

Now there’s talk of a tear, but thankfully it’s located in the shoulder that Gabbert doesn’t use 30 some odd times per game to throw a football. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported preliminary results of an MRI showed Gabbert may have torn the labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. It’s an injury that would be of the season-ending variety if it was located in the opposite shoulder, but since men who play football are not of this Earth and possess minds which often do not allow for rational thought, Gabbert won’t be out for the season. Nope, not at all, and there’s still a chance he could play this week.

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If you’re someone who thrives off other peoples injuries, Oakland-Jacksonville is must see TV.

Blaine Gabbert has left the game with a shoulder injury, joining Maurice Jones-Drew on the sidelines. Chad Henne replaces the Breaker High extra. Before the injury, Gabbert left his mark on the game with this wonderful throw to Cecil Shorts.

Stop smiling, Blaine. We're not smiling.

You likely won’t start Blaine Gabbert this year in any league, or at least not until he shows some consistency. But in keeper leagues you spent highly on Justin Blackmon, hoping that he could become this year’s A.J. Green or Julio Jones, and be a cornerstone going forward. Unfortunately, his production is tied to Gabbert, which has resulted in early discouragement, and just 24 yards on two catches.

Erratic play is commonplace for young quarterbacks who are high on potential and upside, but often low on immediate returns. We expect their performance to be inconsistent, but along the way they often drag down those around them.

Reggie Bush ran for 172 yards and two touchdowns in Week 2, but he did it against the Raiders, a team that gave up the worst yards per carry last year. Does Ryan Tannehill have the overall ability to provide enough support to keep eight men out of the box? Will Christian Ponder continue progressing so that he can keep feeding Percy Harvin lots of footballs? And what do we make of Russell Wilson through two games? Going forward will he turn into the perfect sleeper quarterback as we projected back in August? I hope so, because being right is far more enjoyable than being wrong.

Eric Stoner spends more time watching quarterback game tape and evaluating these young arms than the average family doctor recommends. He contributes to Draft Breakdown, Rotoworld NFL Draft, and Big Cat Country. So with that widespread fantasy impact in mind, I asked him a few questions. Five, to be exact, starting with that kid Gabbert, and his seemingly unquenchable desire to be confusing.

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