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AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots

The New England Patriots continued their off-season changes today, announcing they have released wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.

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Brandon Lloyd had a favorable matchup last night against the Texans and their regressing and injured secondary. And just like pretty much the entire Patriots’ roster, he took advantage of said matchup, finishing with 89 receiving yards on seven receptions, including a 37-yard catch.

This delighted you, of course, because it’s the fantasy playoffs, and because points lead to winning, and winning leads to money, and money buys goods and services. Then there’s also his fumble recovery in the end zone on a play that sent many a fantasy manager to toilet bowls. Somewhere out there is a lost, lonely soul whose fantasy season ended because Lloyd happened to be standing in the end zone when a ball pretty much landed on his shoelaces. Please accept our deepest condolences.

The rest of you may be getting giddy and feeling a blood-rushing sensation after Lloyd returned to relevancy for at least one night. But perspective is key here if you intend to continue using Lloyd going forward in the fantasy playoffs.

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Prime time NFL games are better than most experiences we have in our existence as humans. There are very few things that I rank ahead of such an NFL game, and they usually involve two people becoming co-people.

To be clear, any football is the kind of football which charges blood to parts of the body that only receive it during moments of extreme excitement. However, what’s unique about prime time games is that there’s no football to distract us from football. There are times when the attempt to watch nine games simultaneously in the early time slot becomes difficult for even the most skilled clicker wizard, which means while key moments usually aren’t missed, the momentum and emotional swings of the game aren’t captured.

That’s not a problem when the game is under the Sunday, Monday, or Thursday night lights, as another surely classic Ravens-Patriots tilt is tonight. So for that, we are thankful, for after a day of football, we always need more football.

That applies to all of us, except anyone who owns Brandon Lloyd. For Lloyd owners, Sunday Night Football is the devil.

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Last week we were a little concerned with the number of mouths to feed on the Patriots’ offense in relation to the amount of food supplied by Tom Brady. By food we mean footballs, of course, although perhaps Brady really does feed his wide receivers and tight ends. That would explain their tight, jovial relationship in which pre-game shenanigans are filled with visions of rainbows and puppies.

The greatest area of concern was Brandon Lloyd and his expected targets, although the concern wasn’t overbearing, because Lloyd will receive his looks, and they’ll be deep, and they’ll be spectacular. But nonetheless, with the two tightest tight ends along with Wes Welker in the slot and Deion Branch, the possibility remained that more would be a little less for each individual player. That particularly applied to Lloyd, with Branch also paid to do his deep-ball catching job, just, well, worse.

Now the Patriot way has erased Branch.

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There may come a day when you have too many mouths to feed, making fantasy football and the other few hundred words of this post far lesser concerns. That’s why Kraft Dinner is still made from the nectar of the gods.

In the NFL, leather is the diet of choice, and it’s not literally eaten, although there may be some exceptions (Warren Sapp has devoured at least nine footballs). But for most who close their mouths with some degree of regularity, the figurative eating is done with hands. And as is often the case, in New England there’s a distinct difference between the impact of Brandon Lloyd in reality, and in fantasy.

Patriots fans are giddy because Brandon Lloyd’s going to provide another option for Tom Brady, and fantasy owners are worried because Brandon Lloyd’s going to provide another option for Tom Brady.

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