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Mike Pope doesn’t need to know the name or the jersey number of his tight end. He just needs to know how much time he has to coach him up into a highly productive member of the New York Giants.

Pope, who head coach Tom Coughlin once called “the best tight ends coach in football,” has been coaching the position in New York sine 1983. He’s coached big and small names into some of the league’s best tight ends over the course of the last three decades. This season he has his work cut out for him, because the Giants once again have a new tight end. His name is Brandon Myers, and he’ll be the team’s third different starting tight end in three years.

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Maybe we can blame the constant pressure Carson Palmer faced last night from Von Miller et al. Maybe we can blame the woefully underthrown ball that was intended for Brandon Myers in the red zone which could have turned into a touchdown, but instead it was picked off my Champ Bailey for the easiest interception of his career, and perhaps history.

Maybe we can blame a foreign, evil hand which cast a voodoo-like spell over Myers. Over if sorcery isn’t your thing, his usage, the scoreboard, and the gameplan may be a little more realistic if you’re looking for somewhere to heap your scorn.

Direct your ire wherever you’d like, but whatever the cause, here’s an undeniable fact: last night a tight end with a great matchup failed us horribly during the fantasy playoffs, with Myers — the sixth ranked player at his position with 90 points this year (yet somehow he’s still owned in only 35 percent of ESPN leagues) — finishing with only one catch for seven yards.

Let’s lament together, and hate together.

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