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Bryce Brown’s dalliance with the starting job in Philadelphia will come to an end when the Eagles host Washington this weekend. Yes, Shady is back.

Before McCoy owners begin to pop the bubbly Andy Reid provided caution, stating McCoy would not be on a normal workload when he returns.

After busting onto the scene in week 12, Brown’s production has dropped off a cliff. 178 and 169 yard performances was followed by just 40 rushing yards in two games. His drop off has been plagued with fumbling issues, losing the ball three times in two weeks.

McCoy owners get their workhorse back just in time for the championships — but beware. We’re not sure how involved he’ll be as Reid aims to ease him back into the lineup. Before the injury McCoy averaged 98.5 yards per game.

Bryce Brown has blessed us with some early holiday coal while reminding us yet again that hard decisions are hard.

Two weeks ago he was finishing a stretch when he torched two poor run defenses for 372 yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns. He also lost three fumbles, but shhhhhh.

But when he was faced with his first real test last week against the league’s best run defense, he crumbled colossally. The rookie was held to just six yards on 12 carries by the Bucs, a horrid total that gets worse when you notice that he had an 11-yard carry. That means his 11 other carries netted minus five yards. Yep.

That’s made your sit/start decision with Brown difficult tonight as he gets set to oppose a Bengals run defense that isn’t the Bucs run defense, but it’s still pretty damn good (ranked 11th, giving up 105.5 yards per game). Also complicating matters is the fact that as a late-season waiver wire pickup, Brown is just one of likely several appealing options on your bench. Of course, you can completely ignore that sentence if you’re a LeSean McCoy owner, and Brown is your injury handcuff.

Let’s end this now, though, roughly an hour before game time: you should start Brown.

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When we last convened here there was fear, loathing, and despair. There was also gut rot due to the entire frozen pizza I ate late Sunday (#bloglife).

But it was here roughly 15 hours ago when we wondered if LeSean McCoy would return this week in some capacity, leading to a muddled mess in the Eagles’ backfield, and confusion and chaos throughout the week.

It’s probably bad form to encourage you to forget words that are written around these parts. But yeah, you can forget everything I wrote about McCoy last night now and the possibility that he’ll return Thursday against the Bengals, bringing with him deep head fogs among both his fantasy owners, and those who have Bryce Brown on their fake teams.

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Here’s a known and indisputable fact: chronic fumbling problems among running backs are not tolerated by NFL head coaches, regardless of the name on the jersey, where they were drafted, or the circumstances surrounding their fumbling. So please don’t hurt us anymore, Bryce Brown. Do you really want to make us cry?

Brown lost a key and crushing fumble in the fourth quarter of the Eagles’ lastest late-game malfunction last night, this time resulting in a loss to the divisional rival Cowboys, their eighth straight defeat. With the Cowboys leading 31-27 and 3:50 remaining in the fourth quarter, Morris Claiborne picked up the loose ball and returned it 50 yards for a touchdown, a score that eventually sealed the win even after Damaris Johnson’s 98-yard punt return. It was Brown’s third lost fumble in two games, and his fourth fumble overall this season.

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A week ago when LeSean McCoy left the Eagles’ latest imitation of a high school team with a concussion, the reaction by his owners should have been swift and immediate: pick up Bryce Brown. Now. Right away. Like, five minutes ago.

There were two reasons for this, and they were equally obvious. The most obvious of the obvious was that when a starter goes down and he has a clear backup, said backup needs to be universally owned. This wasn’t a Willis McGahee situation in Philadelphia, because in Denver when their main running back crumbled for the season we all initially thought Ronnie Hillman would get the bulk of the carries, but even before Knowshon Moreno rose from his grave we weren’t fully confident, as Lance Ball would be a factor too.

There’s no Ball or Moreno in Philly, just Brown. And what did Brown do for you last night? He led the league in rushing this week with 178 yards on 19 carries with two touchdowns, adding 11 yards through the air for 189 total yards. He looked like Sam Gordon crushing boys. It’s just a shame that the Eagles defense looked like Sam Gordon’s opponents, with their blown assignments and repeated mental fumbles leading to an early 14-3 deficit that was eventually too much to overcome. The real, physical fumbles didn’t help much either, and neither did the fact that pretty much the entire Eagles offense is in a hospital somewhere by now, with DeSean Jackson the latest to leave a game.

But we’ll spare you the Eagles misery, because that’s reserved for far less happy places of the Internet. Brown brings us joy.

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