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So you’re sitting there in the middle of class and Cam Newton is beside you, diligently absorbing a lecture that you’re not paying attention to at all now. This never ceases to not be weird/awesome.

That’s a real scenario, and it’s been playing out on the Auburn Campus for the past month as Newton does something pretty cool. He’s finishing his degree, even though by the measurements of normal human finances, there’s no reason for him to ever set foot in a classroom again. Yet there he is, just chillin’ around the quad, and trying to be a “normal student“.

Ha, how’s that going for you, Cam? Well, so far he seems to have learned that students with little monetary means have a deep appreciation for donuts.

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The Atlanta Falcons are the worst 11-1 team in NFL history, but that shouldn’t overshadow what Cam Newton has been able to do this afternoon. This 72-yard touchdown run in the third quarter was worth 13(!) fantasy points alone as Cam has amassed 29 points in total through three quarters. The Panthers lead Atlanta 23-13 with 13:57 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Gif via Timothy Burke

Do you hate this man?

When this here online writing space began in its new form back in August, I used poetic, friendly words to say that the root of the fantasy football addiction is the need to explore questions which have no definitive answer. I still believe there’s a lot of truth to that, although I was partly covering my hind region for the day when my predictions and prognostications would be woefully wrong.

So now let’s explore together, sort of like the Reading Rainbow, just with less dragons and pirates and cosmic star stuff. Sorry about that.

This week we started to take your fantasy questions through The Score’s Twitter account. The process is simple, and it’s the first time anyone has ever tried something like it on the Internet. Every week we’ll collect questions through Twitter starting on Tuesday, and then Thursday afternoon we’ll take the best handful, and use them to sort out our problems together.

Consider it therapy, only it’s free, and you don’t have to lie down. I guess you can if you want, but that’s sort of weird.

Onwards then, with five intriguing queries from the first batch.

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We live in trying times. Politicians are yelling something about Big Bird and binders of women, being a cab driver is no longer a lucrative occupation, and it’s raining outside where I am. Worse yet, two of the top quarterbacks on draft boards back in August — Cam Newton and Michael Vick — are struggling, and struggling mightily.

So what should you do? Should you stay calm? Or should you use $15 worth of tools to record frantic messages that a large red button can repeat on demand?

I talked to Evan Silva, the senior editor at Rotoworld who also writes at ProFootballTalk, and I asked him about Vick and Newton before discussing happier QB times with two rising arms, in addition to the outlook for Stevan Ridley and Alfred Morris going forward, and the possible fall of Andre Johnson.

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Every league has an impulsive decision maker. They’re just one of the required cast of characters/caricatures which blend together in a beautiful cornucopia of personality pontification. Yes, that’s possible and it’s a thing, and it happens when people become something entirely different on the Internet than the person they portray in their real-life existence. In every league there’s also the compulsive draft complainer who moans when someone (anyone) takes more than 15 seconds off the clock. Then there’s the guy who makes at least eight waiver claims a week, and the guy who changes his team name almost daily, because he’s hipster and super cool.

But there’s one particular creature who begs for your attention. His palms are clammy, and his hair unkempt. He wears little more than Bananas in Pajamas boxers while in his place of residence, where he hovers over his computer, which of course has your fantasy league as its home page. He reads relentlessly, and watches multiple taking head-based shows in which grown men yell clich├Ęs repeatedly, and somehow that becomes their own language complete with unlimited laughter.

They are the irrational, sometimes unhinged owner, and they want to trade you Cam Newton.

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It can be argued that Cam Newton has as much talent as any quarterback in the league because of his incredible arm strength and dynamic mobility. It can also be said that he doesn’t posses the consistency in his mechanics like the upper echelon quarterbacks do and it’s holding him back from becoming one of the league’s best at the position.

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There’s fear and loathing in Carolina, some confusion as we look at the receptions spread around among San Francisco’s pass catchers, and some woe in the Arizona backfield.

Late game observations? Late game observations.

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