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Even though Michael Vick holds the records for the most single-season rushing yards by a quarterback and the most rushing yards by a QB, well, ever, over nine NFL seasons and 92 starts he has 33 scores on the ground. That’s a pretty moderate total considering his 5,219 career rushing yards at the age of 32, with at least a handful of prime years left.

After just one NFL season (one), Cam Newton already has almost half of that total after he set the record for the most single-season rushing TDs by a quarterback with 14.

That means it’s time to take a deep, longing gaze into our plastic fortune ball (hey, this blog is still in its infancy, and crystal is expensive) and ponder a question that you’re probably trying to avoid if you’ve either selected Newton with an early pick, our if you intend to do that really soon.

Are those rushing touchdown numbers repeatable?

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I choo choo choose you

For the most part, football players are decent human beings. The problem with reporting about decent human beings is that it’s boring, and doesn’t get the kind of clicks needed to run a successful blog. No one really cares if someone loves their grandmother and chooses to spend a Saturday night watching Murder She Wrote while sipping hot cocoa instead of going out, getting wasted, and drunkenly playing bumper cars on the highway. We like our athletes to be flawed; it makes us feel better about ourselves as mere non-athletic mortals.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is not making me feel better about myself. In fact, he’s making me feel downright shallow.

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