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One can’t help but wonder if the Week 10 meeting been the 49ers and Panthers would have been any different had Vernon Davis not left midway through the second quarter when he was concussed by strong safety Mike Mitchell after running a flat route on a swap boot play-action pass. It was only his second target that game, his lowest of any game this season.

But nine weeks later, the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers are set to square off again, and Davis will be a critical factor in the game. He’s fresh off a two-catch game, but on seven targets. That high volume of targets has become the norm for him, having been targeted at least five times in all but two games since his injury, according to Pro Football Focus. We¬†can expect to see him get a similar amount this game if he can escape the absurd athleticism and crafty coverage of linebackers Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis.

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It hasn’t even been two years and they’re already talking about No. 59 as the league’s best linebacker. No. 59 is Luke Kuechly, of course. He’s the leader of the Panthers’ rejuvenated defense, one that struggled mightily last season but has come together to become stout this season. A big reason why is Kuechly, who has raised his play to another level against the run and pass, especially the latter.

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The top player in the 2013 NFL draft is quickly becoming one of the top players in the NFL. It’s only been four weeks, but defensive tackle Star Lotulelei has been a force along the Carolina Panthers’ front seven.

After sliding to the No. 14 overall pick because of a heart condition, Lotulelei has done nothing but prove he should have been taken higher. He’s been versatile, aligning across the Panthers’ front, including at the one and three techniques, and he’s been a tough matchup because of his gap control, quickness, and power.

A big reason for his outstanding gap control is his intelligence. He picks the game up quickly, making it easier to defend the run.

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The Carolina Panthers are an odd mix for fake football, though mostly a good mix. There’s the mobile quarterback who’s sometimes also a goal-line running back, the receiver who won’t age ever, and the 800-yard tight end who can be snatched in the 10th round and beyond. Then there’s the backfield…

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Can I get some help here? Thanks.

During our near daily trips to Draft Preview town over the past few weeks (a thriving, bustling place in April), there’s often been two general team outlooks. There are teams with a definitive need in the first round, and it would be borderline shocking if said need wasn’t addressed. Then there are teams with multiple needs, so guessing which one will be prioritized often ends in mock tears during your mock drafting.

The Panthers definitely fall into the latter category. A defensive tackle feels like the first-round target, with pressure needed to support Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy coming off the edges. But support for Steve Smith is badly needed too, meaning the assumption (a dirty word in April) is that Carolina’s first two picks will be a defensive tackle and a wide receiver.

But will that really happen? And which position will be addressed first? I asked those questions, and James Dator from Cat Scratch Reader kindly answered.

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Carolina Panthers v Indianapolis Colts
The Carolina Panthers have released CB Chris Gamble, according to the team’s official twitter account.

Gamble was taken with the 28th pick in the 2004 draft and led the NFC in interceptions as a rookie. He holds the Panthers franchise records for interceptions (27) and most passes defended (94). The Panthers gave Gamble a six-year $53 million contract with $23 million guaranteed on November 28th, 2008.

Jason La Confora reports the Panthers were desperate for cap space, and bit the bullet by releasing Gamble. An already shaky Panthers secondary gets that much weaker, with Captain Munnerlyn hitting free agency and second year pro Josh Norman becoming the number one CB.

Oakland Raiders v Carolina Panthers

According to a report by Deadspin, leaked NFL documents have shown that, in the lead up to a potential lockout, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and his team were turning a profit of over $110 million while Richardson claimed that the business model was broken and his team was facing hard times. Deadspin’s report shows that the Panthers are not the struggling franchise they were thought to be and that, according to a business professor from the University of Oregon, their future is “very bright.”

Deadspin reported the following despite Richardson’s claims:

The statement is for the years ending March 31, 2011, and March 31, 2012. Over the first period, as Richardson argued that the NFL’s business model was hopelessly broken and steered the owners toward a showdown to extract more money from the players, the Panthers recorded an operating profit of $78.7 million. The team had gone 2-14 on the field, but Richardson and his partners were able to pay themselves $12 million.

The report goes on to say that while Richardson and the managing partners of the Panthers were able to pay themselves $12 million, Deadspin does not know if this is typical for they do not have access to other team’s financial records. However, it is believed that Richardson was taking what was fair.