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One of the most interesting stories this season has been the emergence of Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy. The man who calls himself “Kraken” has notched 11 sacks on the year along with two forced fumbles, and he’s one of the most colorful characters in the NFL. Before he went by the moniker Kraken, he was known simply as “DK”.

It was at Briarcrest High School when Hardy first started to play football. Briarcrest was known for bringing in struggling students and very impressive athletes. The most famous was left tackle Michael Oher, who was the focus of the book The Blind Side and is now a Baltimore Raven, and Hardy was the next big talent to come through.

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After being crushed by a big hit during Sunday’s loss in Chicago and passing the post game concussion test Brandon LaFell has been diagnosed with a concussion and missed today’s practice.

How LaFell passed the initial test will be a point of contention for the league offices, as several teams have come under fire for their handling of concussion riddled players — RG3 and Larry Fitzgerald being two prime examples.

If LaFell is unable to go — highly probable at this point — an already thin Panthers WR corps gets weaker. Owners of both Cam Newton and Steve Smith should beware. The Panthers have had trouble passing the ball consistently all season. Louis Murphy is the most likely candidate to step in opposite of Smith on Sunday.

h/t to Rotoworld

The NFL trade deadline is only a few days away. Unlike the other leagues, more specifically the NBA, NHL and MLB, the NFL deadline usually comes and goes without any significant movement. Even after the NFL and NFLPA agreed to change the deadline from the Tuesday following week 6 to week 8 this season, rumours of players swapping teams has been almost nonexistent.

This morning though, we heard a few names being talked about as possible trade candidates come Tuesday.

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When a man’s employment is at stake, he’ll do awful, desperate things that may or may not involve a long, dark alley. He’ll also eat TV dinners to save money and wash it down with a tall glass of fireball whiskey, because debt always comes full circle to a time when drinking cinnamon liquor was really cool.

When a GM is canned, the head coach can often follow. So after the Panthers fired Marty Hurney earlier this week, Ron Rivera began his deep, long walk into desperate times. For anyone who admits to supporting the current edition of the 1-5 Panthers, that means further Sunday frustration could follow. But for those who enjoy clarity in their fake backfields, Rivera’s new mindset could bring joy.

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We live in trying times. Politicians are yelling something about Big Bird and binders of women, being a cab driver is no longer a lucrative occupation, and it’s raining outside where I am. Worse yet, two of the top quarterbacks on draft boards back in August — Cam Newton and Michael Vick — are struggling, and struggling mightily.

So what should you do? Should you stay calm? Or should you use $15 worth of tools to record frantic messages that a large red button can repeat on demand?

I talked to Evan Silva, the senior editor at Rotoworld who also writes at ProFootballTalk, and I asked him about Vick and Newton before discussing happier QB times with two rising arms, in addition to the outlook for Stevan Ridley and Alfred Morris going forward, and the possible fall of Andre Johnson.

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Just after I published a lengthy rant outlining the reasons why the Cam Newton apocalypse is not upon us, an awful thing happened, mostly because the almighty blogging overlords despise my existence.

A quarterback who’s already playing behind a weak offensive line and has been sacked 13 times this year — ninth most in the league — may be about to play without a three-time Pro Bowler in front of him, and arguably the league’s best center.

Ryan Kalil injured his foot during Carolina’s loss to the Seahawks Sunday, and at first the injury was thought to be a sprain. But now after further examination it’s been determined the damage he sustained is far more severe, and head coach Ron Rivera said there’s a possibility Kalil could miss the remainder of the season.

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Every league has an impulsive decision maker. They’re just one of the required cast of characters/caricatures which blend together in a beautiful cornucopia of personality pontification. Yes, that’s possible and it’s a thing, and it happens when people become something entirely different on the Internet than the person they portray in their real-life existence. In every league there’s also the compulsive draft complainer who moans when someone (anyone) takes more than 15 seconds off the clock. Then there’s the guy who makes at least eight waiver claims a week, and the guy who changes his team name almost daily, because he’s hipster and super cool.

But there’s one particular creature who begs for your attention. His palms are clammy, and his hair unkempt. He wears little more than Bananas in Pajamas boxers while in his place of residence, where he hovers over his computer, which of course has your fantasy league as its home page. He reads relentlessly, and watches multiple taking head-based shows in which grown men yell clichès repeatedly, and somehow that becomes their own language complete with unlimited laughter.

They are the irrational, sometimes unhinged owner, and they want to trade you Cam Newton.

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