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Initially I had Terrelle Pryor’s name in the headline. So be it. To be frank the Quarterback situation in Oakland may be the worst in the league — fans of the Jets, Bills, Chiefs and Jaguars have legitimate claims to to that mantel.

Carson Palmer has left the game after being jacked up by Panthers pass rusher extraordinaire Greg Hardy. Unfortunately for everyone involved — most especially Carson — the hit was illegal.

The few of you who started the Panthers defence today are in luck. Palmer’s one completion on the day was to fellow Quarterback Terrelle Pryor. You can’t make this up.

Update 2:04pm:

We don’t know Carson Palmer personally, but we assume he’s a nice man. We know that he enjoys a finely-grilled long sausage, and he’s deeply concerned about your budgetary hot dog restraints.

What we don’t know, however, is why you still don’t like him, and why he’s so widely available on waiver wires. Of all the atrocities in this world, Palmer’s availability is the most heinous crime.

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