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On its most basic level, the Hard Knocks series on HBO gives us a glimpse into the rigors of training camp, and the amount of sweat equity required to merely be included on a 53-man NFL roster once August ends. Then succeeding and thriving during the season is an entirely different level of pain.

And while that alone would be sufficient to make the show required viewing for anyone who has even a passing interest in NFL football, what makes the series truly griping are the snapshots of life away from the field. We see what it’s like for the families of players, and especially the borderline players who are hopeful to just make the practice squad, and consequently their wives become NFL vagabonds.

We also see the inner workings of major roster decisions, and last night we saw Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin working through his thought process behind the move to cut Chad Johnson less than a day after a domestic incident that will also eventually lead to his divorce from Evelyn Lozada.

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Forget Chad Johnson’s football career. There are things in this world which are far more important than a game. I know that’s hard to fathom with the calendar directly in the middle of August, and with football that really, really matters only a few weeks away.

Although he’d surely like to find meaningful employment again, right now Johnson’s main priority should be righting a wrong, and reconciling with his wife whom he’s been married to for only just over a month.

Logically, some dirty sleaze ball operating out of a parental basement has watched a high-profile domestic incident unfold, and he’s reportedly seeing dollar signs.

Never change, celebrity obsessed culture. Never change.

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Placed by the neighbor who was helping Evelyn Lozada after her domestic dispute with Chad Johnson Saturday night that ended with a three-inch gash in her forehead, the call takes place only about a half hour after the incident.

While telling Lozada to wipe the blood from her cut, the neighbor repeatedly asks for measures to be taken so that a scene isn’t created, saying he doesn’t want the media to get involved because Johnson is a “very high-profile person”. Lozada can faintly be heard in the background, at one point saying that Johnson hit her with his head.

At the time, they assumed Johnson was somewhere in the neighborhood looking for her, but they didn’t know where specifically.

We should probably step away from Chad Johnson for a little bit, since we’ve now had three straight posts dealing with his ungraceful exit from Miami. Or maybe we won’t, because if there’s something that brings me great joy, it’s talking about an unemployed player who doesn’t stop talking.

Anywho, we return to Johnsongate again briefly to note an interesting comment from head coach Joe Philbin when he spoke to the Miami media following practice this morning. Most assumed that Johnson wasn’t given the normal amount of strikes that figurative life batters typically face, an assumption supported by the minimal contract he was given, his behavioral history, and the fact that Philbin is more strict than your grandfather who was raised on moon pies and 10-cent movies.

Last night Pro Football Talk even reported that Johnson was on a “one strike” arrangement with the Dolphins. So yeah, there you go, right? Well no, maybe not.

Johnson may have been dealing with a far wider strike zone, but he was still given multiple opportunities. And according to Philbin, he failed, and it became clear the relationship between a brash, loud receiver, and young rebuilding team with a rookie quarterback who could start Week 1 wasn’t going to work out.

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Players are instinctively loyal to their teammates. There’s a connection and bond that runs deep, and often it can’t be severed by any amount of misbehavior, stupidity, and even run-ins with the law’s long arm. Until the bitter end, teammates can be blind, with their loyalty creating an environment that’s unrealistic as it shields them from the realities of football, and the business it’s associated with.

Karlos Dansby is that teammate with his blinders firmly fastened. He understands why Chad Johnson was cut yesterday following his domestic incident over the weekend, and he acknowledges why the Dolphins were likely motivated to move on. But he still doesn’t like the move, and thinks the organization should have made a greater effort to stand behind a player during a troubling time.

That’s what he told Sid Rosenberg this morning during a radio interview.

“I hate that we didn’t stand behind him. I know the guys in the locker room would. But the organization felt a totally different way about the situation, and they probably had more information than we know. And they had to do what they had to do.”

It’s going to be an even bigger distraction right now, I think, because of the simple fact we let him go. I think if we were going to be with the guy, if he was going to be our guy, we have to stand behind him — even though the situation came about. He didn’t get that third strike.”

What Dansby and perhaps others fail to comprehend is that even though Johnson’s history should have denied him the privilege of having three strikes on a team trying to rebuild under a new, strict coach, the Dolphins were highly tolerant of his behavior. Phin Phinatic listed the minor indiscretions during Johnson’s brief stay, and as is often the case with a player whose poor conduct isn’t offset by quality on-field play, the snowball built through small acts of ignorance.

A:  Leaving the building on his first day off Chad tells another person, “It’s my day off, I’m going to get arrested”.  He doesn’t but it’s played out on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

B:  Chad stands in front of the press for his first interview and opens with, “If I get cut I’m going into porn”.  He followed that up with a series of “F-Bombs”.

C:  Coach Philbin pulls him aside and tells him there is a time and a place and that in essence, he expects more decorum.  He later tells an off-camera reporter that Chad’s actions could, “absolutely” cost him a roster spot.

D:  Chad shows up on Wednesday following the HBOHK premier and tells the media, “I don’t do media anymore”.  Then storms off.

E:  Two days later, Johnson changes his Twitter account avatar to a two middle finger salute with the words, “No More F@**S” written across the top.

F:  CJ is arrested for assaulting his wife over a condom receipt found in his car.

Randy Moss has been an idiot for years, which is why his stops since leaving Minnesota have been relatively brief. But still, he was tolerated by Bill Belichick in New England because of his superior ability. The moment those skills began to fade and his off-field theatrics continued, the severance was swift.

The only difference between Johnson’s plight and Moss’ previously following his exit from the Patriots is that now Moss has fought back despite his age and reputation, and by all accounts is about to begin a season in San Francisco in which he’ll at the very least be a consistent minor contributor, or at best ascend to be a resurgent No. 1 option.

Johnson has just been cut by the most wide receiver-needy team in the league, and the Jets, the second most WR-needy team, will likely have little interest. His mouth far exceeds his talent, and now the 34-year-old may be about to finally talk his way out of the league.

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Chad Johnson has always been an idiot, but not the kind of idiot the NFL has became far too familiar with during the great offseason of the idiot that recently concluded. He’s not the type to consider eating weed to be a wise, logical decision (Mikel Leshoure), and he’s also not the brand of moron who repeatedly drives under the influence of alcohol (Justin Blackmon).

He was — and arguably, still is — a far more innocent breed of idiot. In a few weeks, kids will file into classrooms to start a new school year, and nearly every class will have at least one clownish character. He’ll be the kind of kid who plants “kick me!” signs sporadically, knows the perfect time to start a slow clap, and repeatedly attempts to beat his personal record for the amount of pencils stuck in the ceiling. He’s an idiot and he knows it, and he’s amusing to some but annoying to many others.

Chad Johnson is that clown.

His idiocy is equally fun, stupid, and irritating, and because it’s was all of those things, it’s also another adjective: brilliant. Johnson knows that idiocy is his best asset, because even if he flounders on the football field, his entertainment value still provides a market for Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/OchoJohnson. Especially on Twitter, where he was one of the first athletes to master the social part of social media, mostly because the Internet always wants to know his thoughts on condoms and the proper boiling procedure.

Most of all, though, his idiocy was harmless. Whether you love or hate him, that much was undeniable. Until last night.

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Pictured: Max Steel

I often wonder what I would be doing if I wasn’t the sixth most handsome blogger in the business. Ok fine, seventh…fine, 1,786th handsomest blogger in the business. Sorry, I lied again, because I didn’t even make the list, and the list went 10,000 deep. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, I often wonder what I’d be doing with my life if I wasn’t a sports blogger.

I really don’t have an answer for that. Maybe I could be a circus freak or an Abraham Lincoln impersonator, or possibly even a human piñata. Hanging from my belt loop in a tree while masked kids beat the crap out of me with baseball bats is one of the few jobs I’m actually qualified to do daily. The truth is, I have no idea what else I’d be doing right now, especially since I love my internal organs too much to go with the human piñata idea.

The average person might say that if they weren’t too busy being an accountant or a free-style rap champion, they would probably be a professional athlete.

But what would a professional athlete be if they couldn’t be a professional athlete?

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