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To the surprise of no one, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler did not practice today after suffering a concussion Sunday night against the Texans.

Cutler, who usually addresses the media on a Wednesday during a standard week, did not address the media today, even after the Bears changed the schedule. They instead had two defensive players talk today (Urlacher and Melton) with Cutler and Brandon Marshall – the usual suspects on the offensive side – expected to talk with media tomorrow. The Bears, however, failed to officially announce who would speak Friday, leaving many wondering the status of Cutler for their Monday night matchup against the San Francisco 49ers.

Coach Lovie Smith had this small update after practice:

“There is not a whole lot I can say. He is getting better”

If Cutler can’t go, Jason Campbell will assume the starter’s role against a tough 49ers defense. San Francisco ranks third overall in the league allowing only 292.1 yards per game, but more importantly, rank second in the NFL allowing 209.9 yards per game in the air. No Cutler will make the Bears one-dimensional, so if the 49ers can stop the run, Campbell will likely throw the ball more than coach Lovie Smith would like. In his career, Campbell has thrown 50 interceptions in 75 games.

Last week, Campbell completed 11 passes in 19 attempts for 94 yards, with 45 of those coming on a long-bomb to Marshall.

Since all the cool kids are rocking concussions and Jay Cutler is always the coolest, the Bears quarterback didn’t come out for the second half of Chicago’s Sunday night game against the Houston Texans. Jason Campbell took over, and although he’s much more capable than Caleb Hanie was a year ago when Cutler went down, he’s still Jason Campbell.

The Bears have announced Cutler won’t return after he sustained the concussion late in the first half on a helmet-to-helmet hit following a long scramble. In a league that’s stressed both protecting the quarterback and minimizing head injuries, Cutler becomes the third QB to leave a game with a concussion today, joining Alex Smith and Michael Vick.

Cutler is erratic and inconsistent, so he’s a QB2 at best, with his value decreasing even more a week from now once byes are over. However, he’s demonstrated a strong connection with Brandon Marshall, meaning if Cutler misses time the production of the Bears’ top receiver could suffer.

He’s in your league, and he won’t shut up. He’s the guy who owns the Bears defense, a defense that’s now out-scoring all but eight players in the entire NFL in terms of its fantasy production (more on that in a minute).

That guy wants to trade you for someone of similar value. At first you probably scoffed at the idea, because who the hell trades for a defense?

Well, maybe you should reconsider that stubborn stance. Or maybe you shouldn’t. Quickly as we steam towards the fantasy playoffs, the trade value of the Bears defense is becoming one of the most difficult questions rooted in the most productive player(s) at any one position.

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Colleague and editor Sean Tomlinson was preparing to send me an e-mail during one of the quietest performances of the season for Calvin Johnson Monday night, imploring that we analyze his absence. But prior to clicking send, Tomlinson rendered an addendum: “Of course, the moment I hit send on this e-mail Johnson will catch a 50-yard bomb.” It was only fair that he, admittedly along with me and likely the rest of the football world’s viewers, expected the NFL’s finest transformer to morph into a football-snatching monster because that’s just what Johnson does. But he was nearly silenced by Charles Tillman and his marvelous technique.

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In today’s late games we learned that the Bears could benefit from having someone not named Brandon Marshall who can catch footballs, while the Panthers need someone who’s not named Cam Newton to run with footballs.

Everybody needs someone sometimes.

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Last night, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo held a charitable interception demonstration, hoping to show the disenfranchised youth of Texas how not to toss the pigskin during an organized game of football. The Chicago Bears were the recipient of Romo’s charity, and used his unparalleled kindness to win 34-18.

Early in the game (charitable demonstration), Bears’ QB Jay Cutler decided he needed to have a bit of a rest, and sat down on the bench. Offensive coordinator Mike Tice followed him to the bench in an attempt to engage Cutler in conversation (“see what Romo is doing, don’t do that”). This is what happened…


Is there beef between Cutler and Tice? Is a locker room war brewing between coach and player that can only be solved by a duel (pistols at dawn)? Does Tice’s diet consist only of onions and Cutler was just trying to escape his noxious breath? Was Cutler just thirsty?

Yeah, it turns out he was just thirsty.

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Often when we update a previous item with a development of some kind, we tack the urgent breaking news onto the bottom of the post in question while using giant, screaming letters that make said update look far more important than it really is. That’s one of the first tricks you would learn in blogger school if such a place existed.

This particular update is so vitally important to your life and sense of being that it deserves its own place to stand alone. Boldly alone.

This is where I add the disclaimer that nothing is officially official until tonight’s actives/inactives come out. But it’s sounding very much like Forte will be on the positive side of that list, and you can roll with him as you normally would.