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At this point in the week, Matt Forte’s injury status doesn’t make your hair turn several shades of grey quite like it did a few days ago. You’ve already made your decision, and now nature must take its course.

The conservative among you dug into your depth and used an RB3 given the still lingering uncertainty around the Bears running back after his limited practice participation all week. Monday night games are still the worst, because even though you may feel confident in a key players’ health, a Monday game-time decision that doesn’t fall in your favor renders one of your roster spots useless.

The more frisky and risky Forte owners slotted him in, rolling their proverbial dice. But even those dangerous ledge walkers hopefully have Michael Bush as a handcuff, and can pull him off the bench if Forte is ruled out just hours before game time later tonight. Without that option, putting Forte in your lineup wasn’t advisable, as it could potentially be a very easy way to lose. There’s also the Cowboys’ run defense led by Sean Lee that’s a less than ideal landing spot for an RB who likes to cut and dance, and is recovering from an ankle injury.

Know this, though, Forte owner: you’ll definitely be waiting all day for an answer. So tell your boss about this pressing personal situation, and go home.

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So it’s the third week now, and hope has been restored, light has been located, and what was lost when minds melted and heads asploded after Week 1 has been found. Serenity now, serenity now.

That will last for, oh, 24 more hours. Week 3, ahoy…

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Chicago Bears’ running back Matt Forte’s ankle injury continues to be an enigma that will confound fantasy football owners until the end of time. Well, maybe not until the end of time, but Mr. Forte’s wonky ankle will continue to be the subject of speculation until the team officially announces what exactly is wrong with it.

We only know that he doesn’t have a high ankle sprain, and that there’s no time table set for his return.

Oh yeah, we also know that he’s not going to play this week.

If you haven’t already hand-cuffed Michael Bush to Forte, you’re going to need a contingency plan, and since it’s Friday, the free agent pool has most likely been picked clean. Now before you decide to pay a visit to your local suicide booth, I’m going to offer you an alternative.

Might I suggest the Rams’ Daryl Richardson?

Richardson, who replaced Steven Jackson admirably last week (rushing for 84 yards), is only owned in 5.9 % of ESPN leagues and 21% of Yahoo leagues. Since Jackson is questionable again this week, (more on that below) Richardson may be your best bet if you’re desperate for a running back.

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Tumblr accounts vary from the mundane – check out my latest instagram photo of the food I just ate!!1! – to the amazing. Fortunately today we have an example of the latter.

Ladies and gentleman, presenting Smokin Jay Cutler, a website devoted to the most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports:

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I enjoy guessing games, but only the type in which I have to guess which hat is hiding an object. Or, better yet, Guess Who is great family fun. It’s the board game for everyone which doesn’t at all encourage stereotyping.

However, I don’t enjoy guessing games with football injuries, especially if they involve running backs. Teams should be far more considerate of our fantasy needs while disclosing information, and immediately provide us with the most accurate timetable for a players’ absence.

Right now, the Bears and head coach Lovie Smith are jerking us around regarding Matt Forte’s injury, and the karma from their actions will come back with the vengeance of a scorned woman whose cheating husband needed to change a lot of light bulbs.

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We know who Jay Cutler is by now. He’s a dog lover, a really excitable guy when his girlfriend is having pictures of her ass taken by multiple males, and little more than a fantasy backup because he’s the eternal enemy of consistency.

How has this monster — this frustrating creature who shows flashes of being an elite fantasy option that are followed by nights of seemingly utter incompetence — been created? Let us count the ways.

Perhaps the largest source of frustration is that despite how lost he looked last night, much of what we saw was out of Cutler’s hands. Even after the additions of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery mental errors still subtracted from his support, and a creaky offensive line still leads to frequent face plants.

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Last week’s Madden simulation was glorious. Not only did it predict a Cowboys win over the Giants, but through some sort of terrifying black magic, it predicted the greatest game of Kevin Ogletree’s career. That’s right, through a power that cannot be fully described, our game of virtual football transformed the real Ogletree into Jerry Rice.

The Internet buzzed with news of our unparalleled prediction skills. Fellow intern Archi Zuber and I were being hailed as: time traveling wizards, a pair of handsome Nostradamuses (Nostradami?), and a couple of handsome Nostradamuses who also happened to be time traveling wizards.

Now that we’ve gotten my ridiculously over-the-top boasting out of the way, it’s time to focus on this week’s matchup: Packers vs. Chicago Bears.

Like last week, we’ll be aiming to answer a series of burning questions. Will Aaron Rodgers bounce back from a Week 1 loss to San Francisco and show off the aerial game that made him the 2011 NFL MVP? Is Jay Cutler ready to join the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks? Will the absence of Greg Jennings make Jordy Nelson one of the most important players in fantasy football this week? Is the state of Wisconsin so jealous of the city of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza that they are actively withholding the nation’s cheese supply in a child-like act of rebellion?

Pregame warning: We decided to sit injured Packers WR Greg Jennings. Also, Zubes is a huge Packers fan, and became very emotionally invested.

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