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Chris Cooley is a fun guy. He married a cheerleader and divorced a cheerleader, while also marrying a team and then divorcing a team, a career move that wasn’t his choice, but was instead made by Redskins management with little room left for an aging tight end who has chronic knee problems on their roster behind Fred Davis.

Also, a locker room can only hold so many steins.

But now after he was a roster cut down day casualty due to both the lack of room on the Redskins’ tight end depth chart, and mostly the lack of healthy structure in his knees, Cooley will be employed again in Washington later today once he passes a physical. The move isn’t motivated by a sudden realization that a 30-year-old tight end has experienced some kind of off-field renaissance. No, it’s motivated by desperation, and the loss of Davis for the season.

When Davis suffered a non-contact injury yesterday and went down in the back of the end zone, suddenly depth was needed in Washington at a critical position, especially with a mobile rookie quarterback at the helm of the offense who leans heavily on his safety valve at times. So predictably it took a matter of hours for Cooley’s phone to ring, as a tight end who’s familiar with Mike Shanahan’s system was an easy decision during the brief search to fill the void left by Davis.

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If you’re even remotely shocked by the Redskins releasing Chris Cooley, then I suppose I shouldn’t mention anything about the veracity of your parents’ stories regarding a large man who delivers presents while being flown around the world by reindeer.

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