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There was a time when adding “ing” to the end of a word was just a part of the English language, and it was often used to describe an activity. For example, here’s a sentence I could say most days: “I am walking to the corner store where I’ll be buying a box of cookies.”

But the invention of the Internet has now led us into territory where any act by a human who plays sports results in the widespread repeating of that act. It’s then super cool for about a day, and it’s called [blank]ing. Why, just look at the fun we’ve had this year with Griffining, Morganing, and Deckering, and Tebowing is mercifully still a thing that weathermen do in hurricanes.

So in their latest performance, the Interwebs have given us Kaepernicking.

I’m not sure if there’s an official definition for Kaepernicking yet, but it’s pretty simple, and it stems from Colin Kaepernick’s tattoo kiss this past Sunday after his 50-yard touchdown run. Kaepernicking is the act of kissing your biceps, which may or may not have a tattoo. Neat.

This started last night, or so it seems, and Kaepernick led the charge by re-tweeting pretty much anyone who has a Twitter account. Over 100 RTs of people Kaepernicking in various places appeared on Kaep’s personal account, and the vast majority of them were pretty standard in their blandness. Here’s an example:

But a baby picked up on the craze too…

And a dog…

And a Niners Build-A-Bear…

Brilliance was in abundance during the nine early afternoon games on this fine Week 13 Sunday in which the temperature of the underworld dropped abruptly, and Rex Ryan finally admitted that his quarterback is not a quarterback at all, and is instead a cougar man toy.

That brilliance oozed from Adrian Peterson and Cam Newton, the latter finishing with 28 fantasy points, the third straight game he’s totaled more than 24 points. But there was one arm where brilliance was absent. Oddly, a young and inexperienced quarterback reminded us that he is indeed young and inexperienced. Yet he still managed to be a fine fantasy commodity.

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Colin Kaepernick is the reason why I don’t call myself a scout, guru, or expert. I’m a mere pleb writing about football, sometimes logically and rationally, and on occasion, illogically and irrationally; I like to think that’s human nature.

Kaepernick has been outstanding and is one of the league’s fastest-rising talents. And in a league that has a class difference — and it does and always has; read more here — at the quarterback position, he appears to possess the talent to quickly ascend into the upper echelon despite his inexperience. I didn’t always think that, however. I was one of the guys who was not a fan of Kaepernick’s coming out of Nevada because he was far too much of a project, I thought. Now, he looks anything but with the masterful work he’s done at the line of scrimmage, and of course, the throws he’s made.

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In what’s probably the least surprising story of the week, San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh has officially announced that Colin Kaepernick will be the starting quarterback this weekend against the St. Louis Rams.

In three games (two starts) this season, Kaepernick has thrown for 680 yards and 3 touchdowns while leading the 49ers to wins over the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints.

So if Kaepernick is on your fantasy team, you’re good to go.

And if Alex Smith is still on your fantasy roster, you are either an idiot or you’ve already given up

Contrary to what most football media will tell you, the San Francisco 49ers and head coach Jim Harbaugh don’t have a quarterback controversy. You know why Harbaugh isn’t worried about his QBs? Because San Francisco has a great defense, and a winning record, and two healthy quarterbacks.

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When the three games in the late-afternoon block concluded today, we were left confused about how aging effects the bred of humans who play football, and our Colin Kaepernick man crush grew to the point that we’re likely ready to help him during his next move, or pick him up from an airport.

Serious steps indeed.

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At first this was a fun debate. Should the 49ers stay with the trusted if unspectacular Alex Smith whose career was resurrected by Jim Harbaugh, or roll with the dazzling Colin Kaepernick even though he’s started just one game, and is still essentially a rookie as an NFL quarterback?

That question along with many more generic talk radio hyperbole-producing clichéd queries has prompted disscussion all week, even though there’s really no debate whatsoever on the matter. The fact that the discussion continued isn’t surprising, since it’s our urge to argue about stuff and things that’s kept, say, Tim Tebow relevant. But I digress (also, die Tebow die).

But now on the morning of what we all expected to be Kaepernick’s second career start, we’ve received word that yes, we’re about to watch Kaepernick’s second career start. NFL Network’s Albert Breer reports that he’ll will be under center today for the 49ers when their game against New Orleans kicks off.

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