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Fake footballers don’t like uncertainty. Much like girls, it’s the devil, and although reports all week haven’t indicated anything otherwise, we still haven’t heard a definitive answer from 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh regarding his quarterback quandary, and whether or not his starter this week will be named Colin Kaepernick.

Harbaugh and answers go together like hell and ice. But dammit, Jim, we need to know, and we need to know now. With his cushy matchup against the Saints that could and should lead to an even better fantasy day than the one Matthew Stafford had yesterday (here’s to hoping, because otherwise I’ll get a prediction wrong, and that’s never happened before), Kaepernick is the week’s fantasy darling. As a fantasy option right now he’s more attractive than like eight Kate Uptons. I’ve even put up a Kaepernick poster in my bathroom medicine cabinet. No, you have a problem.

But about that starting nod from Harbaugh. We expect it’s coming, and we know it’s coming, but it’d still be nice to officially hear it before we depart for the weekend. That may not happen, but at least someone else who frequents the Niners’ locker room is speaking on the matter.

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Colin Kaepernick will never be this popular again. We all want to know if he’ll be better than Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman or Cam Newton or Johnny Unitas this week. And that whirlwind discussion is surrounding a quarterback who’s maybe/almost definitely starting over Alex Smith, but we still don’t have a definitive word, and we might not get that blessing until Sunday morning. Fantastic, yes?

So it came with little surprise that our weekly dive into the digital mailbag begins with another question about the Big CK. I’m not sure if anyone’s called him that yet, but dibs if it catches on.

Keep submitting your questions to our friendly neighborhood Twitter account here at starting every Tuesday, and I’ll keep answering them on Thursday. Some call that a system. I call it controlled ranting.

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Let’s begin this glorious, magical day of food, football, family, football, and more combinations of football and food that keep you from acknowledging your family by wishing our American friends a very happy Thanksgiving. May you all enjoy the company of your loved ones and embrace old school, politically incorrect grandparents and new school, disrespectful children alike before coloring each other several shades of black and blue tomorrow in the noble search for giant televisions. Happy Festivus indeed.

As you were making dinner preparations late last night and ensuring that the chair uncle Ned likes was brought up from the basement and cleaned of its brandy stains, something monumental happened. Actually, that’s a lie. Something entirely, completely expected happened, and anyone who thought anything to the contrary would take place on the 49ers’ quarterback depth chart this week does not live in a world where common sense is a thing.

Colin Kaepernick will start for San Francisco, meaning Jim Harbaugh has made the only sensible decision that was possible.

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Let’s get this out of the way immediately: if you have even the slightest need at quarterback or if you’re worried about the decline of your starter that you paid so heavily and so painfully for on draft day (hi, Eli Manning and Matthew Stafford), add Colin Kaepernick. Go make the waiver claim now, but please come back. I’ll wait.

It really is that simple. I understand why some of the more conservative among you are still clinging to your hesitancy, and your lingering, strangling fear. It’s natural really, especially when we’re talking about a quarterback who’s essentially still a rookie in terms of his game experience. It’s a position where the unpredictable reigns supreme, with unexpected brilliance one week — like, say, last night — and then a spiral the next.

But let yourself go, and embrace Kaepernick with his throwing motion that’s still a little wonky but it works so we should all give zero shits. He has fantasy dynamo potential down the stretch.

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