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Jim Harbaugh is currently using the healing power of golf to ease his mind after his Super Bowl loss as he participates in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in a pairing with a San Francisco athlete who didn’t manage to disappoint his city, Giants pitcher Matt Cain. I don’t actually believe in part of the sentence I just wrote, as the perception that golf is a relaxing, soothing game has always baffled me. But that’s maybe because I suck at it so thoroughly, and the days when I could break 80 (no seriously, those days happened) are long in my rear-view.

Somehow I doubt Harbaugh is about to sandbag the field too, because being good at golf requires, you know, golfing, and doing it regularly. The whole business of coaching an NFL team that advanced to the Super Bowl is pretty time consuming.

He’s out there today as the tournament tees off, and he’s having his good walk spoiled by that little devil ball, as Mark Twain once said. But as Will Brinson noted, it seems he only owns one shirt. Or several very similar shirts that are on a strict rotation.

The only difference between the picture on the left below and the one on the right is the presence of a golf club. Oh, and the headset and sharpie on the right.

Whatever, you get it.


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