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The risk/reward game is often a futile one. I can claim that, say, Darren McFadden owners are getting what they purchased when he now inevitably misses a handful of games. But then Adrian Peterson owners who took a far greater risk on draft day will point at me and laugh. They’ll probably do that anyway, but at least they have a reason now.

Injuries are random events, and those four words are not a random event. I’ve written them repeatedly, but it’s an important mantra to keep in mind when you’re core temperature is rising because of a player who’s supposedly injury prone is, in fact, injured.

Now, with that said: I hate you, DeMarco Murray.

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The Eagles have given up 27 sacks (fourth worst) and 71 quarterback hits (league high), all which feel like they came in their Monday Night loss to the New Orleans Saints. The Saints pummeled quarterback Michael Vick endlessly, sacking him eight times and pressuring him many others. Most of the sacks came with overload pressures or the illusion of them, toying with the offensive line’s assignments as the Saints defenders feasted on their prey. This could be problematic moving forward, especially this weekend when they face the Dallas Cowboys and Rob Ryan’s own overload packages.

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“We’re certainly optimistic. He’s proven to be someone who heals quickly. We’ll monitor him day by day, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Those words came from the mouth of Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, who fed us hot, fresh lies. Wickedly deceiving lies.

They’re in reference to his injured running back DeMarco Murray, and he said them on Oct. 22, a day after Murray had missed his first game with a foot injury. That led to optimism, which is the worst. Cowboys insiders marched in line faithfully, reporting that the team was hopeful Murray would return for Week 8.

Last night Week 9 officially concluded, and we still haven’t seen Murray. We probably won’t see him next week either. It’s OK, let it all out, because a good healthy sob can be pretty lucrative.

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You know how I know that it’s officially midseason for every team? The amount of times I looked up at my television today, and said “NOOOO!” to no one at all while sitting in a room alone.

This is football, and I’m not sure that you’re aware of the game’s physicality, and the possibility that on any play a severe injury can happen, with the punishment of the endless hits adding up as the season rolls along. But between injuries to Jordy Nelson, Robert Mathis, Kendall Wright, Darren McFadden, and Antonio Brown, and a brief scare with Victor Cruz, pain hasn’t discriminated today, taking out top stars and promising rookies on both sides of the ball.

We can’t take any more. We need peace, harmony, and good tidings for all. We need something good to happen. Please give us a sign, fantasy gods.

What’s that Michelle Tafoya? Dez Bryant is active? Yes, serenity now indeed.

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Owners of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray may have to wait another week before welcoming him back to your fantasy roster, after he missed another practice Wednesday with his nagging foot injury. He was seen without a protective boot on the sidelines during practice, so good news on that front, but according to Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, the team is in no hurry to get Murray back on the field.

Murray has been out since suffering the foot injury against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 6.

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Those fingers that crept ever so slightly over the end zone boundary’s white surface will be the centerpiece of the lasting image from a game which ended as a microcosm of Tony Romo, the Cowboy, the quarterback, and the man, but definitely not the legend.

He’s Bart Starr, and then for fleeting, crushing seconds, he’s JaMarcus Russell. He’s loved, and then he’s hated. He’s accurate, and then he’s throwing a pick to a defensive lineman (this actually happened). He’s Tony Romo, and he’s equally brilliant and mystifying, and today we saw doses of both split almost directly down the middle.

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Troy Aikman was trying to sell us on the merits of seeing Kenny Chesney live. As I cleared the blood out of my ears Tony Romo was under throwing a pass to an uncovered Dez Bryant. It should’ve been a touchdown. Sadly that was a highlight for Tony in a half marred by comically inept passing from Jerry Jones’ favorite quarterback.

Three interceptions — one taken back for a touchdown by Jason Pierre-Paul — brought out the twitter trolls from far and wide. Making fun of Tony Romo is no longer funny. It’s low hanging fruit that should be left untouched.

After falling into a hole the Boys have come all the way back and now lead 24-23 in the fourth quarter. Romo’s numbers are borderline acceptable — 320 yards, 1 TD, 3 interceptions — but we must never forget the Quarterback we saw in the early moment’s of this afternoon’s game.

In fact the entire game is an excellent microcosm of who Romo is as a QB. Wildly fluctuating between above and below average. One day Jerry Jones will realize this. For now the Cowboys remain mired in mediocrity. Beating the Giants twice would be excellent, but in the end we know who this team is.

Knowing the inevitable sucks.

Update: Romo connects with Dez Bryant to win the game – or did he. Bryant’s finger was out of bounds. Dallas loses, the narrative lives. Man.