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The Darrelle Revis trade has simmered for just over a day now, and what’s become abundantly obvious in this highly unique deal in which there’s no guaranteed money is that risk is shared in some way by all parties involved.

  • Revis risks not being able to regain his past form following an injury. Or worse, he risks further injury. Either puts him in danger of being cut, and not seeing nearly all of his $96 million over six years. The lack of guaranteed money — any guaranteed money at all in this deal — is downright shocking.
  • The Buccaneers risk Revis outperforming what are in effect a series of single-year deals, and holding out again. With no guaranteed money in his pocket and already one major career injury suffered, Revis is quite familiar with the game of maximizing his value.
  • The Jets risk being very bad defensively for the foreseeable future, and watching while possibly one of the best defenders of this generation continues to do Revis things in Tampa.

While all those risks are potentially daunting, it’s the latter fear that we’re concerned with here. With the Jets now the proud owners of two picks in the top 15 and thus much more flexibility, how have the dynamics of the first-round been altered?

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The word elite gets thrown around a lot in the NFL. It’s questionable what the benchmark for it is nowadays, as it seems to change every year as more players are added. But if there is one, Darrelle Revis has set it.

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He’s put pen to paper and the deal is done. Darrelle Revis is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Adam Schefter reports the Bucs will send their 1st round pick (13th overall) and a conditional 4th round pick that could turn into a third in 2014 to the Jets. Revis signed a 6-year deal with Tampa Bay that will make him the highest paid DB in NFL history but it does not include any guaranteed money. In total the contract is worth $96 million. Revis will make $16 million in each year of the deal.

Update 4:36 pm

UPDATE II: ESPN reports the deal includes the 13th overall pick. Revis has arrived at the Bucs facility and remains in the building as the deal progresses.

UPDATE: According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, a deal is in place between the Jets and Buccaneers for Revis.

It appears we may final have some closure in the Darrelle Revis trade rumors, that have been going on for quite some time now. According to multiple reports, the Jets have granted permission for Revis to visit and take a physical with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



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It’s difficult to write this in a way I haven’t already written about 19 times, so I’ll just go ahead and roll with some repetition: if the Jets have no intention of signing Darrelle Revis to a long-term deal (they don’t) and one that will pay him the $16 million annual salary he desires (they don’t), then he should be traded before the draft, and before the only team that’s interested (Bucs…MOAR BRACKETS) has an opportunity to fill their need with a younger and much cheaper option

And that will probably happen, at which point our universe will look elsewhere for its entertainment. Until then, there will be abrupt stops and starts in negotiations as reported by people with a lot of sources in a lot of places. You’re up next, Sal Paolantonio.

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There’s just something so Jets about the way a Darrelle Revis trade is being pursued. Or maybe it isn’t being pursued at all, and that’s the problem.

If the Jets don’t intend to pay Revis (and they don’t), and if they therefore don’t intend to make him the long-term anchor of the defense on a rebuilding team (no, they probably don’t), then they need to promptly seek the next best option: trade your most valuable asset, for multiple assets.

It’s just such a simple, logical solution, which is why the apparent avoidance of said problem solver is the most Jets thing to happen on this toxic team in, well, maybe a week or two.

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The league’s annual meetings always give the second wave of free agency a swift kick in the rear. With Jake Long off the market as of late last night, Day 6 of free agency saw one of the final major, top tier names claimed. Ed Reed is the last commodity in that category, and then there’s all the veteran defensive ends. Fax machines, man. They still suck.

But before we keep gleefully exploring every rumor and piece of aimless hearsay as the second week of free agency starts, let’s check in on a certain Jet who likely won’t be a Jet for much longer.

No, go away Tim Tebow. You’re irrelevant.

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Update 11:16pm

Apparently Jeff McLane’s tweet was premature. ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini reports at least one other team along with Tampa Bay have engaged in trade talks with the Jets. Rotoworld mentions the Jets still haven’t granted Revis’s reps permission to talk with other teams. Basically, this thing could go down tonight or in two weeks. Stay tuned.

Update 8:14pm


The latest in the slow moving avalanche that is the Darrelle Revis speculation puts the cornerback possibly in Tampa, where the Buccaneers are reportedly a serious trading partner, according to ProFootballTalk.

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