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If we’re mercifully going to see the end of the Jets thinking about thinking about trading Darrelle Revis and then perhaps eventually doing something meaningful, it needs to happen soon. No, it needs to happen now. As in sometime over the next 24 hours.

As I type this the opening of free agency is just over five hours away, and at 4 p.m. ET the likes of Brent Grimes, Sean Smith, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Chris Houston, and Keenan Lewis lead a strong free agent class at the cornerback position. None of those corners are named Darrelle Revis, and therefore none of them can be called one of the best corners in the NFL today.

But they’re all still rather talented, and they’ll come at a far cheaper price.

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New York Jets v Washington Redskins

A league source has told Pro Football Talk the Jets have a ‘good’ offer on the table for CB Darrelle Revis.

PFT’s source indicates the financial component of the trade has not been discussed with Revis’s representatives. Mike Florio also reports the Jets braintrust will make a strong push to get a deal done during their annual March get-together.

The Jets have not given Revis’s agents permission to talk to other teams regarding a new contract.


ProFootballTalk is reporting that, although there haven’t been any solid negotiations, Darrelle Revis does not wish to be traded by the New York Jets.

The source insists Revis doesn’t wanted to be traded, hasn’t asked to be traded, and has never at any time during his career in New York intimated directly or indirectly a desire to be sent to a new team.

About a week ago, it was all but certain that Revis was on his way out of New York, and it still seems as though the Jets are leaning in that direction.

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We’re a little Jets heavy this morning. Bills gotta be paid, guys, and the Jets are putting my unborn children through college.

By now you’re abundantly aware of the ongoing Revis debacle in New York, which is different from the Tebow debacle, which is entirely separate from the Revis vs. Richard Sherman debacle. To review, Revis — who’s ahead of schedule but is still recovering from ACL surgery — wants and needs a new lucrative contract, with a middling $6 million left on his four-year band-aid deal signed two years ago. The Jets are spiraling down a rebuilding phase and likely heading towards a few years of sucking, and they’re unsure if sinking a substantial sum into a cornerback is the wisest course of action, especially one who just tore his ACL.

That’s why there’s been flirtation with a trade, with the most obvious partner being the 49ers due to their gluttony of picks in April’s draft following the Alex Smith trade (15). And it’s why the Jets are indeed dangling Revis in trade talks, according to Rich Cimini.

So hey Darrelle, what say you?

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It’s been assumed here and everywhere that following the Alex Smith trade which saw the Chiefs get fleeced and the 49ers acquire their 15th draft pick for April’s football auction, San Francisco will pursue Darrelle Revis. That’s an assumption based largely on the sheer girth of draft picks the Niners possess now, and the flexibility and leverage they have. And on a more fundamental level, 15 rookies being on the roster next fall and playing for a team that nearly won the Super Bowl is highly unlikely.

But amid the excitement of the Smith trade one small matter was overlooked: the salary cap. The soul crushing salary cap.

That’s why this is reportedly happening…

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Forgive me if I’m a little hesitant with the ol’ trigger finger on the prediction pistol right now. Being bold ended in looking foolish last night/this morning, to which I mostly responded with a meh.

But I’ll still say this: the chances of Darrelle Revis getting traded this offseason are slim, at least for now.

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The Jets’ defensive keystone was lost for the year on Sunday when Darrelle Revis tore his ACL, and now they look to be on the brink of collapse.

A struggling run defense, inconsistent pass rush, and an unfamiliar reliance on a group of defensive backs who aren’t nearly on Revis’ level are left. However, a glimmer of hope resides in the mind of Rex Ryan. Ryan is one of the league’s brightest minds when it comes to designing blitzes, and the anticipation is that he’ll up the ante going forward to replace Revis island.

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