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Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills

It was rumored weeks ago when David Garrard held private workouts with the team, but the veteran quarterback made it official on Monday, taking to twitter to break the news.

Less David Garrard means more Ryan Tannehill and more Lauren Tannehill. Pageviews, something something.

Mystery knee surgery is infinitely worse than both mystery ice cream, and picking out a mystery chocolate from a box of chocolates without looking at the chart.

But alas, that’s the fate dealt to Dolphins quarterback David Garrard. One man’s loss could lead to a gain by many men, as with Garrard down Ryan Tannehill now has a chance to grab the starting QB job in Miami with his performance throughout the rest of the preseason, and if he’s successful we’ll get more shameless in-game shots of his wife Lauren.

Everybody wins, except probably the Dolphins.

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