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After the passing of the crown-of-the-helmet rule earlier this week, to the surprise of absolutely no one anywhere running backs have trickled out to express their displeasure. It seems they’re not happy with the NFL restricting their basic instinct, which is to both protect themselves and lower their pad level when faced with an oncoming collision, and to “win” that collision by overpowering their opponent and gaining as much yardage as possible.

First it was Matt Forte, who harped on the latter point when he essentially said that football is inherently a chaotic sport, and at some point limiting that chaos is impossible. Except he sort of used different words.

Now David Wilson has chimed in, and his favorite word seems to be “ridiculous”. I rather enjoy that word too.

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Owners of the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw can remain frustrated with the former 2007 seventh round draft pick, after the running back once again was absent from practice with a knee injury. Bradshaw indicated he still hopes to play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, but the final decision will be made by doctors, and not coach Tom Coughlin.

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UPDATE (1:07 p.m. ET): Bradshaw has now officially been ruled out, and some Giants beat reporters are also wondering if he’ll play another regular-season game. DAVID WILSON DAVID WILSON DAVID WILSON.

Hello there, David Wilson owner. I’m sure right now you’re beaming brightly while preparing to depart for a lengthy Friday lunch that may or may not contain more liquid than food. Good on you, fine sir.

Would you like more reasons to feel really, really great about yourself?

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American football is a sport of many emotions, none of which were greater on Sunday than those of the Dallas Cowboys. Following the unexpected death of linebacker Jerry Brown, the Cowboys had to lace their cleats up and battle the Cincinnati Bengals to keep their playoff hopes alive.

They pulled out a 20-19 victory with a late, game-winning field goal from Dan Bailey. But before Bailey had his shot at the winner, Dez Bryant hauled in his own game-saving play: a fourth quarter 27-yard touchdown.

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Need flex value? The waiver wire has an overflowing abundance of flexing fun. Need a viable, sure-fire, trusted option? Welp, see ya later.

Let’s play a drinking game, and take a shot every time you read the word “flex” in the many sentences below. If you make it through the entire post, you sir are a champion.

We’re skipping quarterbacks this week, though we’re only skipping them in the sense that our analysis of the QB wire can’t be read right now, at this very instant. Our excitement to find solutions for the Robert Griffin III owner should he miss time this week couldn’t be contained, so we took an extra long and extra deep and extra good look at the QB waiver options yesterday.

Alright then, let’s get drinking.

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Whenever I go to Chapters, somehow I always end up walking by the self-help section, maybe because subconsciously I want to be a better person, and I’m aware that I’m failing in that endeavor. There are numerous books on any topic you desire, many of which tell you how to achieve a better orgasm.

But even more would like to feed you a load of absolute crap positivity, and tell you how to be a more confident, beaming individual. That isn’t a problem for Giants running back David Wilson, who told Newsday’s Bob Glauber that he’s destined to have his face made into a weirdly-haunting bronze bust that resides in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“I think at the end of my career, I’ll be in the Hall of Fame. I know myself and I know (when) I have guys around me that feel the same way, which I feel I do. When I get my opportunity, the sky is not the limit. I think it’s past it. You have to believe in yourself to do good things. This is how I feel.”

Go ahead, laugh it up. This feels like confidence run amok and it’s now bled into insanity for a running back who was essentially benched earlier this season after fumbling on one of his first carries, and he’s only recently started to work his way free from Tom Coughlin’s doghouse chain. Wilson has just 15 carries this year through six games for 87 yards, although he’s made his presence known as a kick returner, with four returns of 40 yards or more.

But we say go forth, young man, and believe. We’re not even halfway through Wilson’s first season, and many a future hall of famer has struggled during the opening games of his career. Wilson was deemed worthy of a first-round pick by the Giants, so the talent is certainly there. Chase your dreams, boy, and chase them with fury.

We’re far more interested in Wilson’s next comment, and the interesting metaphor he chose for his effectiveness.

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