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Last week we were a little concerned with the number of mouths to feed on the Patriots’ offense in relation to the amount of food supplied by Tom Brady. By food we mean footballs, of course, although perhaps Brady really does feed his wide receivers and tight ends. That would explain their tight, jovial relationship in which pre-game shenanigans are filled with visions of rainbows and puppies.

The greatest area of concern was Brandon Lloyd and his expected targets, although the concern wasn’t overbearing, because Lloyd will receive his looks, and they’ll be deep, and they’ll be spectacular. But nonetheless, with the two tightest tight ends along with Wes Welker in the slot and Deion Branch, the possibility remained that more would be a little less for each individual player. That particularly applied to Lloyd, with Branch also paid to do his deep-ball catching job, just, well, worse.

Now the Patriot way has erased Branch.

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