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A healthy DeMarco Murray has the potential to be highly effective tonight against an Eagles defense that’s on par with the fierce units fielded yesterday throughout America on Pop Warner fields. The problem, of course, is that a healthy Murray is a football species we’ve only really heard about, and he can only be discovered hidden in rocks far beneath the Earth’s crust.

You’re excited that Murray will most likely be active tonight for the Cowboys-Eagles game after he practiced all week, and barring some kind of last-minute strike by the fantasy gods from high above, that still appears to be the case. He’ll play, and he’ll play for the first time since Week 7.

After spending a second-round pick on Murray this year, you’re facing conflicting emotions. Mostly, you’re filled with rage after your top running back missed six games, and he’s only now returning during the final week before the fantasy playoffs in most leagues. For many of you — especially those who whiffed on Felix Jones on the waiver wire — that blow was far too difficult to sustain, and you’re now either out of the playoffs, or desperately reaching. Therefore, Murray is an asshole.

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DeMarco Murray is talented. DeMarco Murray is injury prone. DeMarco Murray is loved. DeMarco Murray is hated.

DeMarco Murray is confusing.

Murray owners have been twisted into a state of rage throughout the season, especially those who whiffed on Felix Jones on the waiver wire. He’s missed the Cowboys’ last six games with a foot problem that at first was referred to as a two-week injury. Now we know that was a dirty lie.

But hope is on its way. Maybe.

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This won’t devolve into another rant in which my bias is revealed, and I out myself as the union leader of the delirious DeMarco Murray owners support group. We meet on Thursdays, punch and pie.

No, this will be brief, and consider it both an addition to that very rant from earlier this week, and also a sort of repetition of the McFadden post from this morning.

More on that in a second. First, this…

Like McFadden, optimism hasn’t befriended Murray this year, a relationship that’s not about to take shape over the next two weeks either. The schedule is quite the jerk too, as with the Cowboys playing their traditional Thanksgiving Day game next week before America bludgeons itself with action figures, they have two games over a five-day stretch teed up. That’s deadly for a running back with a chronic foot injury, and the Cowboys have said repeatedly that it’s an injury which will keep Murray from game participation until he’s fully healthy.

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The risk/reward game is often a futile one. I can claim that, say, Darren McFadden owners are getting what they purchased when he now inevitably misses a handful of games. But then Adrian Peterson owners who took a far greater risk on draft day will point at me and laugh. They’ll probably do that anyway, but at least they have a reason now.

Injuries are random events, and those four words are not a random event. I’ve written them repeatedly, but it’s an important mantra to keep in mind when you’re core temperature is rising because of a player who’s supposedly injury prone is, in fact, injured.

Now, with that said: I hate you, DeMarco Murray.

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“We’re certainly optimistic. He’s proven to be someone who heals quickly. We’ll monitor him day by day, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Those words came from the mouth of Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, who fed us hot, fresh lies. Wickedly deceiving lies.

They’re in reference to his injured running back DeMarco Murray, and he said them on Oct. 22, a day after Murray had missed his first game with a foot injury. That led to optimism, which is the worst. Cowboys insiders marched in line faithfully, reporting that the team was hopeful Murray would return for Week 8.

Last night Week 9 officially concluded, and we still haven’t seen Murray. We probably won’t see him next week either. It’s OK, let it all out, because a good healthy sob can be pretty lucrative.

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Owners of Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray may have to wait another week before welcoming him back to your fantasy roster, after he missed another practice Wednesday with his nagging foot injury. He was seen without a protective boot on the sidelines during practice, so good news on that front, but according to Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, the team is in no hurry to get Murray back on the field.

Murray has been out since suffering the foot injury against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 6.

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With all of the Bills-Cowboys talk on the blog today you wouldn’t be remiss to think we’ve time warped to the early 90s — let us never speak of those days again. We continue with another story out of Dallas, one that will sadden fantasy owners who are relying on RB DeMarco Murray to return to the Cowboys lineup this Sunday.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill:

But in answering a question about Murray walking on crutches to avoid putting weight on the foot, Garrett all but confirmed his absence for Sunday’s game against the Giants. “Oh, I think we’re just being very careful about any weight that we’re putting on him,” Garrett said. “The more time we give him the better.”

Felix Jones (bruised knee) missed practice today, but is likely to start in Murray’s place. Keep an eye on Jones’ status as the week progresses. Phillip Tanner, who played 35 snaps in place of an injured Jones against the Panthers, should see a similar amount of opportunities even if Jones is declared fit. The Giants run defense — 126.4 yards per game, good for 23rd in the league — isn’t exactly daunting. Tanner is worth a play for those of you in bye week trouble.