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Wide receivers are not created and groomed to be one thing. Some have skills that are more widespread, while others excel and thrive in a certain area. Neither approach is incorrect, but for those who watch, analyze, and discuss football, the end result gives us arguably the offensive position that has the most varied skill set.

If we were to make an attempt to simplify this, there’s often the pure speed burner (think Victor Cruz, or going further back, Randy Moss in his prime), the hulking physical brute who will beat you up over the middle (Anquan Boldin), and the shifty slot pest (Wes Welker).

But then what complicates matters — at least for defensive coordinators — are the hybrids. The rare and uniquely constructed Calvin Johnsons who do all of those things at a high level: the blazing, the battling, and the elusiveness.

Demaryius Thomas is one of those receivers.

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