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Nobody knows how Peyton Manning will attack the Seattle Seahawks’ defense. He may not have a choice, to be frank. He may have to settle for underneath throws all night and work his way up the field. It’s entirely possible if his Week 6 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense is any indication.

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He’s short and quick, a playmaker that can line up all over the formation and pin defensive backs on their heels. He can then turn them around full circle or run by them for big plays. He’s not Percy Harvin, however — he’s Doug Baldwin.

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It’ll start up front, like always. Marshawn Lynch will take the hand-off . . . Terrance Knighton will penetrate . . . someone will be shaken or tackled.

The Seahawks have a versatile ground attack. Over the last two years, they’ve implemented a variety of concepts to expand their arsenal and utilize all of Lynch’s talent. They feature power, the traditional form of two backs as well as single back, and zone running, which has seemingly stretched into every team’s playbook. This matchup will be of interest in this game because it’ll put to test not only Lynch’s quickness (and decision making), but Knighton’s too.

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There are several X-factors in Super Bowl XLVIII, and then there’s a J-factor: Julius Thomas. How do you stop him? He’s 6’5″, weighs 250 pounds, and he’s quick and explosive. He can line up in-line like a traditional tight end or like a modern flex/slot. He may not seem like any different of a problem to the Seattle Seahawks than some of the recent tight ends they’ve faced, including Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis the last two weeks, but he is. He won’t soften like Graham did or be underused like Davis was. He’ll battle the defense until the game’s end, and he’ll get plenty of chances to beat them too.

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Wide receivers are not created and groomed to be one thing. Some have skills that are more widespread, while others excel and thrive in a certain area. Neither approach is incorrect, but for those who watch, analyze, and discuss football, the end result gives us arguably the offensive position that has the most varied skill set.

If we were to make an attempt to simplify this, there’s often the pure speed burner (think Victor Cruz, or going further back, Randy Moss in his prime), the hulking physical brute who will beat you up over the middle (Anquan Boldin), and the shifty slot pest (Wes Welker).

But then what complicates matters — at least for defensive coordinators — are the hybrids. The rare and uniquely constructed Calvin Johnsons who do all of those things at a high level: the blazing, the battling, and the elusiveness.

Demaryius Thomas is one of those receivers.

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Can the Dallas Cowboys stop Peyton Manning?

At 37, he’s aged like classic American muscle, still full of horsepower and great detail. He’s on pace for record-breaking numbers, having racked up 16 flawless touchdowns, no interceptions, and a mind-boggling 138.0 passer rating at more than nine yards per attempt. Defenses haven’t had an answer for him thus far, but that doesn’t mean he’s indefensible.

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A really talented quarterback has many really talented targets. Much good will come of this.

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