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When you go about drafting your imaginary teams in the coming weeks, the opponents of the players selected is a passing worry for the very best in the early rounds, and it advances to only a moderate concern later even in the final rounds. From the elite picks early to the lottery tickets late, your aim is to get good value with each roster spot, and more simply, to draft good football players. A crazy idea, I know.

But if you’re faced with a difficult decision between two players at any point (like, say, any of those featured in our “Who Ya Got?” series), a players’ schedule can act as one of many tie breakers, with the easier of the two getting the nod. Right now, any player at any position who gets to run, pass, or catch against the Broncos sometime over the first six (or maybe eight) weeks of the season is a player you’ll enjoy.

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Wes Welker was never supposed to leave New England. He was supposed to stay there for the remainder of his career, catching passes from best-friend-forever Tom Brady and terrorizing defenses with first down after first down.

Now he’s in Denver, where quarterback maestro Peyton Manning fools defenders with hand signals and slings the football around a mile high into the air. Like in New England, Welker is expected to quickly gel with his quarterback en route to whipping linebackers and nickelbacks from the slot, a position that he’s helped transcend over the course of six years.

As you might guess, not much will change in Denver. He’s once again going to catch dozens of passes — though the number could slightly drop because of the surrounding weapons — by separating with lateral agility and short-area quickness, two unique traits he possesses.

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I’m not sure when we were first introduced to Peyton Manning’s status as a wild and crazy guy. Surely it was early on in his career, but for me his awesomeness was officially affirmed when he was throwing passes at kindergarten kids, and chanting for decaffeinated coffee.

His teammates, of course, have known about his level of awesome for so very many years. Or maybe instead sometimes he’s not so awesome if you’re on the other end of a prank during the first few moments when you may think said prank isn’t a prank at all. And thus we arrive at the case of Eric Decker and the fake Duke University workout bill.

Just as he did last year when he was rehabbing his neck injury, Manning has been working out at Duke with David Cutcliffe, the head football coach there, and Manning’s quarterback coach during his college days at Tennessee. He brought along Wes Welker, Eric Decker, and Demaryius Thomas, because he needs someone to throw passes to, and because I guess that whole chemistry building thing with the new guy is nice too. Brother Eli was also present, along with Hakeem Nicks, Louis Murphy, and Victor Cruz.

Good times were had by all, especially when Manning left this perfectly crafted fake invoice for Decker…

decker invoice

Damn, that Duke coaching staff is raking it in. And those laundry fees? Whammy.

Thanks, Predominately Orange

Draft Preview: 28. Denver Broncos


This man needs to be replaced.

Fax machines, man. They still make them like they used to.

Since teams and agents still rely on technology that requires a telephone line to execute the delivery of vital documents, Elvis Dumervil was cut by the Broncos, and he then signed in Baltimore. Or maybe his departure wasn’t tied to archaic technology at all, and it was instead the product of a deeply fractured relationship.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter now. Dumervil is gone, and the Broncos have to go about the business of replacing his 11 sacks, and the delicious tandem he formed opposite Von Miller. Yes, pass rushing can be delicious, as there was surely no better place for a Broncos fan on a Sunday afternoon than deep into their couch groove while watching those two meet at the quarterback, and sipping back some of that rocky mountain brew (oh, also with…TWINS!). Together, Miller and Dumervil combined for 29.5 of Denver’s 52 sacks, a total that tied the Broncos for the league lead.

So a pass rusher is their top draft priority, right? I asked that question, and Dustin Salaz from Predominantly Orange answered. And then he answered four more questions.

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New York Jets v Denver Broncos

Elvis Dumervil wants to be a Denver Bronco, and there were even talks that he would be willing to restructure his contract in order to stay in Denver. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Dumervil will be willing to take enough of a pay cut for the Broncos liking, and if they can’t come to an agreement, he may be cut as early as Friday.

According to Broncos GM John Elway, he wants Dumervil to stay, but thinks his contract is “Out of whack“.

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Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles

The Denver Broncos have come to terms with CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on a 1-year, $5 million deal. The Eagles already cut Nnamdi Asomugha this season, leaving their secondary depleted.

Last season, Rodgers-Cromartie had 51 tackles and 3 interceptions while playing in all 16 games.


Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers

Mike Florio is reporting the Denver Broncos are likely to sign Running Back Rashard Mendenhall, whose rookie deal with Pittsburgh officially expired today.

Via Florio, Mendenhall has had his problems:

“Mendenhall suffered a torn ACL in Week 17 of the 2011 season, and he battled an Achilles injury during the 2012 season.  He also had an Osama bin Laden Twitter misadventure two years ago, not to mention a decision to stay home after he was informed he’d be deactivated for a December game against the Chargers.”

Other teams interested in Mendenhall include the Arizona Cardinals, but Florio declares Denver as the favorites to sign him.