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New York Jets v Denver Broncos

UPDATE: Elvis Dumervil is willing to restructure his contract and take a pay cut with the Broncos. They have filed a proposal with the Broncos but have yet to hear back.



According to the Denver Post, the Denver Broncos will pursue free agent DE Dwight Freeney. Freeney, a former member of the Colts and, perhaps more importantly, a former teammate of Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning, will hit the open market when NFL free agency opens on March 12.

The Broncos will only pursue Freeney if they cannot restructure current Bronco Elvis Dumervil’s contract and find a way to reduce his pay. The Broncos would rather work out a pay cut for Dumervil but they may be able to get Freeney for a much cheaper salary than they would a reduced Dumervil.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs

UPDATE: According to the Denver Post, Elvis Dumervil’s agent Marty Magid has said that the Denver Broncos have not responded to the restructuring proposal he gave them on Friday.

“Elvis has been working out, he’s healthy, he feels great,” Magid said. “He wants to stay with the Broncos. Right now, we’re waiting to hear back from them.”

This has lead to widespread speculation that Dumervil may be released or traded.


Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil is set to make $12 million next season, so it comes as no surprise that the team is looking to restructure his contract to a number that’s more cap friendly. What is surprising, is that Dumervil hasn’t closed the door on the idea.

“They informed us they want to do a restructure,” Magid said during a phone interview. “I’m not classifying this as a pay cut. I’m going ahead with this being a restructure. If we can meet on some common ground, there’s a potential we can get it done. If we can’t, they’ll have to make a decision. But we’re definitely in good faith going to try to negotiate this out.

“Elvis wants to return as a Bronco if it all possible, and that’s what we’re trying to do — make the client happy and try to appease the team.”

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The build up to the franchise tag deadline is usually filled with decisions that rival Michael Turner being cut in their obviousness. Jairus Byrd’s tagging earlier today was sort of in that category, although that move by Buffalo all but guarantees Andy Levitre’s departure. But this latest tagging by the Broncos is straight from the desk of John Elway, who said last week that Ryan Clady would be tagged. Big John hates suspense, and Tim Tebow.

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Say, did you lose money last night because two brothers didn’t hug for at least seven seconds, or because Jim Nantz and Phil Simms cleverly avoided saying “Harbaugh” 37 times by referring to said brothers using only their first names? Then boy do we have a deal for you.

It’s already time to bet on next year’s Super Bowl. Step right up, kids, because Day 1 of the offseason is a fine time to starting losing money on football.

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It was around this time last year when it began to become abundantly clear that Peyton Manning had played his last game as a Colt, and therefore we’d spend a significant chunk of the offseason speculating about his next NFL destination. You know the rest of the story: eventually he’d land in Denver after John Elway recruited a fellow Hall of Fame quarterback, giving him a five-year contract worth $96 million, $18 million of which is guaranteed. When a free agent quarterback is given that kind of greenery, he should be trusted with the ball in his hands, and a chance to win a playoff game in the final seconds.

But he wasn’t, and until this afternoon we all had a question: why?

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This is the moment Peyton Manning lost the game. Wait, what?

Admit it, you want to blame Peyton Manning. You want to assign him all of the blame for a playoff overtime loss, and watch him wallow in his #Manningface depression. You don’t think he’s worthy of MVP consideration anymore either, because who the hell under throws a pass that badly during OT? (no, narratives don’t care that the MVP is a regular-season award).

If the above doesn’t apply to you, good. You’re better than this hack, and the lord of the curmudgeons.

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As I write this I’m sitting in balmy Toronto, a city where the temperature has reached a record high for this particular day in history. It’s now climbed to 14 degrees in Canadian weather language. For our American friends, that’s about 57 Fahrenheit, and as I look outside I can see well-constructed igloos melting. Truly a tragic day.

But it’s a much different story deep in the Colorado mountains, where a playoff game is starting in about an hour.

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