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Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

In one of the least surprising developments of free agency so far, the Lions have reportedly signed Reggie Bush to a four-year deal, according to Lions writer Tim Twentyman.

This is only slightly less expected than the Dolphins’ signing Mike Wallace yesterday, only because for a time the Cardinals were in the Bush hunt, and then they backed out and went for the cheaper option in Rashard Mendenhall. The result is a backfield in Detroit that will resemble the backfield Bush left in Miami.

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After a morning filled with other pleasant and uplifting Detroit Lions news, here’s another quick little diddy which isn’t exactly shocking, but that doesn’t make it any less awful. Jahvid Best’s career is likely over.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press noted that after his failure to get clearance to play this season following two concussions in 2011, Best isn’t expected to play again. In total Best has suffered four concussions, the most severe of which occurred during his final college game when he landed on his head. Lions general manager Martin Mayhew spent senior bowl week scouting running backs, as it’s a position that needs to be addressed in the draft yet again after Detroit spent high picks on Best and Mikel LeShoure in recent years.

When another RB is selected in late April, that will almost surely cement Best’s status as a former player, even if he hasn’t made his retirement official at that point. He’ll then fade away, becoming the reference point for the league’s growing concussion problem, which robbed us of seeing this much, much more often…

How does one fully appreciate genius? I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time because I never feel like I’ve seen enough football intelligence.

Whether it’s Tom Brady or Peyton Manning navigating through puny defenses on prime-time television or J.J. Watt tearing through supposed blocking schemes that are geared to stop him, I feel like I’m missing out on something tasty every second that I’m not watching. I also feel this way about Calvin Johnson, the Detroit Lions’ star wide receiver.

In case you missed it on Saturday night, Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s longtime — 17 years to be exact — record for receiving yards in a season. Rice set the record in 1995 when he amassed a then-unfathomable 1,848 yards in 16 weeks of play. With 225 yards against the Atlanta Falcons, Johnson brought his record breaking total to 1,892 yards and he has a game in hand.

For a second of nostalgia, my first exposure to the Lions’ receiver was when he was at Georgia Tech. He had a rather hopeless quarterback throwing to him and his head coach was Chan Gailey — who is now probably the least popular guy in the pipeline connecting Buffalo and Toronto.  Johnson wore No. 21, which was rather odd but typical of studly college players, and he made tons of circus catches that were simply unfair to his competition. His diving reception at midfield against the Miami Hurricanes, a favorite team of mine, in 2005 was simply ridiculous. The touchdown that has always stood out to me the most, however, was his double move against, I think, Georgia near the end of his collegiate career. He baited the cornerback into what I recall to be a curl route before he exploded up the field again and caught a wide open touchdown.

It was then and only then when I thought he was the best draft prospect I’d ever seen, which I still believe to be true today.

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The regular season is expiring, meaning we are a step closer to the playoffs as well as the awarding the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. Aaron Rodgers figures to be a contender for both, with his team having a 9-4 record while sitting atop their division as he puts up elite passing numbers once again.

He’s recorded a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 29:8 thus far while completing nearly 67 percent of his passes, and he has a quarterback rating of 103.7 through 14 weeks. Interestingly enough, these numbers are down from a year ago, when the end zone was the size of a foreign continent and his receivers were always wide open regardless of the coverage, and the Cal alum was simply on fire.

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Stop whatever it is you may be doing and pickup the Detroit Lions defence — owned in 57.4% of ESPN leagues — if you can. DO IT NOW.

Besides updating his resume — the 2012 section may be a little sparse — Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t have much to do these days. One of his few remaining tasks in a season that started off so well only to plummet into a death spiral of misfortune is picking his starting QB. To be fair, his options are horrible.

John Skelton threw four interceptions against Seattle. Ryan Lindley didn’t fair much better, throwing for 59 yards on eight of 17 passing. Whiz is going with Lindley when the Cardinals take on Detroit in Arizona.

Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh are going to have a field day.

It is difficult to imagine a single play resulting in a higher production of justified finger-pointing and warranted blame than what occurred during Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game between the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions.

When something happens that is considered contentious, the controversy typically arises out of differing perspectives. What seems obvious to me is anything but for someone else. What’s so remarkable about the hullabaloo that erupted out of last week’s 81-yard touchdown run by Texans running back Justin Forsett is the lack of disagreement over the sequence of events.

Down by ten points, more than half way through the third quarter, Houston quarterback Matt Schaub handed the ball off to Forsett on second down with ten yards to go. The running back was granted a hole by his offensive line as devastating as a wound in need of suture. However, six yards after the line of scrimmage he was tackled by Lions safeties Erik Coleman and Louis Delmas.

Despite a knee and an elbow both touching turf, Forsett popped up in one continuous motion, in a manner that only the supremely athletic would even attempt, and ran 75 additional yards into the end zone through a why-bother Detroit defense.

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Hope. Sometimes it’s all we have. So if there’s any justice in this world, Jim Schwartz will continue Titus Young’s punishment next week by putting his name behind Ryan Broyles’ on the Lions’ wide receiver depth chart. We know you’re mad, Jim, especially after losing today on a call that’s so embarrassing it made the simultaneous catch botching look tame by comparison, but leave Broyles out of it.

All he did was come within 14 yards of Calvin Johnson’s total receiving yardage today on two fewer receptions.

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