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Ed. Note: Today is Thanksgiving in the great nation of Canada. It’s sort of like American Thanksgiving, except much worse because there’s no NFL triple-header, and therefore we have to converse with our families. As such, content will be lighter, but here’s Oliver Macklem with some timely advice, and Rob Pizzola will be around shortly with his Monday Night Football pick for those who mix gambling with family time.

Every fantasy sports league ever has one player on the waiver wire who serves as a litmus test. If said player is picked up, it means the team he is heading to, well, sucks. He’s that one guy whose rotten stench has permeated your nostrils because he’s been sitting on the waiver wire for so long, and he’s just not  productive enough for any owner to consider picking him up. Any team willing to lay hands on this player is clearly doomed and is openly admitting to failure.

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