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Don’t do us like this, Dez.

Bryant injured his left index finger during the Cowboys’ win over Cincinnati yesterday, an injury that he self-diagnosed as a sprain. Turns out Bryant’s medical skills are on par with those of Dr. Nick.

This will either get really bad or slightly better fast. More words and/or loathing on the way shortly.

UPDATE (5:32 p.m. ET): There’s hope yet. Faint, glorious hope.

Jason Garrett was predictably vague while floating coach speak during his press conference this afternoon in Dallas, saying that Bryant is getting examined, and there’s no definitive diagnosis right now regarding his status going forward and his availability this week. Surgery remains a strong possibility, though, and if that happens Bryant’s season will end abruptly for the second time in just three years.

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You know how I know that it’s officially midseason for every team? The amount of times I looked up at my television today, and said “NOOOO!” to no one at all while sitting in a room alone.

This is football, and I’m not sure that you’re aware of the game’s physicality, and the possibility that on any play a severe injury can happen, with the punishment of the endless hits adding up as the season rolls along. But between injuries to Jordy Nelson, Robert Mathis, Kendall Wright, Darren McFadden, and Antonio Brown, and a brief scare with Victor Cruz, pain hasn’t discriminated today, taking out top stars and promising rookies on both sides of the ball.

We can’t take any more. We need peace, harmony, and good tidings for all. We need something good to happen. Please give us a sign, fantasy gods.

What’s that Michelle Tafoya? Dez Bryant is active? Yes, serenity now indeed.

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UPDATE: Bryant has returned to the game.

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has left the game against the Carolina Panthers with a possible concussion.

On the day, Bryant has two receptions for only 14 yards.



more to follow…

The severely slanted schedule today with nine early games and only two late-afternoon games is great for fantasy purposes, and awful for anyone who desires to watch as much football as possible while sitting in their underwear. Do your finger stretches, because we’re in for some serious clicker crushing today.

You’re familiar with this Sunday drill that leads to either depression or elation, or some combination of both. The inactives are trickling out now, and we’ll keep updating this post with the notable developments. So do those finger exercises by repeatedly hitting F5. It’ll feel good, and it doesn’t even require a rise from your current sitting position.

Annnd go…

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Just close your hands, Dez.

In the aftermath of last night’s hilarity in Dallas, Tony Romo will face the most vitriol, and possibly also violently flung excrement. That’s because hating Romo is a hobby, and a deeply-embedded national past time and personal interest of narrative fans everywhere. It’s partly a product of a fabricated belief that he’s horrible in clutch time, and has the mental stability under pressure of a teen trying to seal his first kiss. There are nerves, uncontrollably shaking hands, and eventually a lip caught in a zipper.

And sure, Romo was bad, and the intention here isn’t to deflect blame from that fact. His interception or fumble or whatever the hell it was that resulted in Lance Briggs going the other way for a 74-yard touchdown was crushing, as at the time the Cowboys were driving deep into Chicago territory, and were poised to either tie the game, or at the very least pull to within four points midway through the third quarter. The momentum then shifted drastically along with the scoreboard, as instead of being down by only one score, the Bears now held a 24-10 advantage. Game, blouses.

The last of Romo’s five interceptions showcased his shattered confidence. It was a blown read on a basic throw that resulted in an even more basic pick by Major Wright. That pick was also completely irrelevant during garbage time, with the score 34-10.

Yet the focus remains mostly on Romo and his five interceptions, a total that tied a career single-game high. We can partly thank the inane continued existence of quarterback win-loss records for that, a useless and archaic metric that results in QBs getting far too much credit for wins, and far too much blame for losses. And we’ll focus on that interception number — that woeful, nearly career-high number — despite the utter lack of support Romo received from his receivers, and one in particular.

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