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I hesitated greatly while deciding whether or not to give the item below from Mike Preston too much legitimacy, just as I did yesterday with Nolan Nawrocki’s amateur Geno Smith psychology before evidently becoming one of the few football writers who show up on your computer daily to take the proper route, and ignore his baiting, holding back from writing an oozing takedown and feeding the beast.

Making an evaluation of a player that goes against the mainstream is more than fine, it’s encouraged, as it creates discourse. But a prospect’s personality and character can’t be judged by what you see on tape. To do that you have to, you know, meet and talk to the guy. Just as he did two years ago with Cam Newton when the eventual offensive rookie of the year was accused of having a fake smile, Nawrocki lobbed his personal assaults from a distant, digging into Smith’s character without having built a relationship with him. He was called lazy, and accused of needing to be coddled, yet so very many others who have met Smith are saying directly the opposite.

Sigh. See what you did, Nolan? My anger, it has risen with the mere mention of your name, leading to yet another tangent, and the troll has won. I’ve become what I was proudly avoiding. I have failed.

This morning, though, we have some possible baiting of a different variety. And thus we return to one Mr. Preston

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The Ed Reed era in Baltimore has ended, but the former Raven star opted to say thanks one more time before beginning a new chapter in Houston.

Ravens Nation, My eleven seasons in Baltimore were more than I would have everimagined, which is why I have such deep love for you all. I will forever cherish my time with the Ravens and the chills that ran down my spine when I finally kissed the Lombardi Trophy. Special thanks to the City, Team, Organization and all the Fans! I’m going to miss being a part of this tremendous team and organization, but I’ll always be Baltimore and my Foundation will remain in this community, this is not a goodbye, but a See You Soon.

Thank you for everything Baltimore, God Bless you.


The full page ad appeared in Sunday’s edition of the Baltimore Sun. Reed signed a three-year deal with the Texans on Friday. The nine-team Pro Bowler will get a chance to say thank you in person when the Ravens host Houston this season.

Image via The Baltimore Sun


This is possibly the greatest picture even taken of anyone, and I’ll keep using it forever.

Updating something that I honestly, really meant to update earlier this morning before being distracted by other glowing lights on my computer screen, Ed Reed’s contract details emerged late last night. For a guy who will turn 35 next September, dude made some nice bank.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported that Reed’s contract with the Texans will keep him in Houston for three years, and he’ll be paid $15 million. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle chimed in with the guaranteed money — the most important detail — and it’s $5 million.

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Last one to leave Baltimore turns out the lights.

The Ravens were in a bidding war against Houston to retain Ed Reed. They’ve lost oh so many battles during the opening week of free agency, and the burn from this one won’t heal for a while. Ray Lewis left on his own terms, and he didn’t have to play in another uniform, or even entertain that blasphemous thought. Reed? Not so much.

Jason La Canfora is reporting that Reed has finalized a contract with the Texans. Mere minutes after Brian Urlacher’s Bears career abruptly and officially concluded, another long-time defensive stalwart who’s spent his entire career (11 years) in one place is moving on too.

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Multiple sources have been reporting about the ongoing talks between the Houston Texans and the agents that represent Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed, and apparently the two sides are still very far apart on money.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans have offered Reed a deal that would pay him a little over $4 million per season, but Reed and his agents are looking something in the $6-7 million range.

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When referencing odds, chances, and the like during the first week of free agency — and especially on the first Friday of free agency — this is mandatory viewing…

In today’s role-playing game it’s difficult to assign a character to either party involved. Is Ed Reed playing Lloyd Christmas as he sips the finest wine in Texas and breaks bread with Texans owner Bob McNair? Or is Christmas more appropriate for the Texans collectively, since they having a glaring need after the departure of Glover Quin?

Either way, after saying super nice things about the Texans and then having dinner last night with a group of team officials and Andre Johnson, Reed’s chances of signing with Houston and officially leaving the only team he’s ever known are at 50-50. That’s according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, and this week he could report that the world has run dry of the ingredients to make pizza, and I’d believe him.

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Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

The Baltimore Ravens that take the field for the 2013-14 season will have a very different look from the group that won the Super Bowl in February. The Ravens have already parted ways with Anquan Boldin, Bernard Pollard, Dannell Ellerby and Paul Kruger. Ray Lewis is hanging up his cleats as well, meaning that 5 starters will have to be replaced (Chris Canty has signed a 3-year deal with Baltimore). Read the rest of this entry »