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As you may have seen or heard, the Giants routed their disliked rival, the Eagles, 42-7 in a battle of two non-playoff teams this past Sunday. They sent Andy Reid home (and potentially relocated him to Arizona) in their win and showed that they still had some pride left despite not being able to defend their Super Bowl ring in the new year.

They torched the Eagles left and right, throwing all over them and running when they wanted to and wherever they wanted. Signal-caller Eli Manning had five touchdowns, besting his previous season high of four in Week 14 against the Saints, while the running backs — David Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw — combined for 182 yards on 31 carries. Despite their work in the running game it was the big gainers from Wilson and Bradshaw in the passing game which proved to be a significant matchup advantage against the Eagles’ linebackers.

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And likely your player of the week. The concern now from a fantasy perspective is whether or not the Giants have done too much too soon, thereby making Eli Manning useless in the second half. Hell, we may have a David Carr sighting for a full quarter.

While many Week 17 fantasy footballers have felt the pain of owning any meaningful Ravens player, Manning has done nearly all of the scoring for the Giants as they’ve thumped Philadelphia 35-7 in the first half of their must-win game. Of Manning’s 11 completions, four of them have ended in touchdowns. Combine that with his 196 passing yards, and he already has 23 fantasy points in just one half.

Of course he waited to do this until a week after the majority of leagues ended, and now his first half point total is already more fantasy production than all but one his games this season (he had 26 fantasy points in Week 2). He hates you so much.

In reality the Giants’ first half performance won’t matter without a second-half comeback by the Lions. Detroit is down 20-10 to the Bears, one of the two teams New York needs to lose so they can maintain the sliver of playoff hope they have through a wild card berth. In a few hours, we could know that in 2013 a new champion will be crowned.

Patience is supposedly a virtue, but points aren’t awarded in fantasy football for being virtuous. No amount of baby kissing will bring you a championship crown. If that were possible, I suspect the pregnancy rate between September and December would skyrocket yearly. Whatever it takes, you guys.

This week’s Tweetbag O’ Questions is filled with many reasons for both worry and patience, starting with brother Eli. So let’s dive into this digital discourse.

I can’t get to all of your questions every week, because I have a strict philosophy against working too hard. But keep firing them off to The Score’s Twitter account, and I’ll keep punching keys every Thursday afternoon. Together, we’ll find the answers to every question ever asked.

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In this week’s trading post, we take a look at one quarterback who is about to break out of a funk and a running back who has found his stride.

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