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So, did we all survive Day 1? We had some technical difficulties that slowed production a bit during the afternoon yesterday. To reduce the long story to a few words: the Internet guys around here didn’t have Internet, sort of. But that matters little now, other than the fact that I’m already on my third java-based drink after staying up far past my designated bedtime last night catching up on some writing, such as documenting the latest Michael Vick breakage.

We’re still super excited about this new space, so excited that it’s difficult to describe it without sounding like a pimple-faced fifth grader. One thing I didn’t mention during yesterday’s lengthy intro in which we all sat around a figurative (literal?) pizza box with cheap beer is, well, this. This exact post. It’s staying too, and making the trip from the old GLS format, but the only aspect of it that’s coming over is the title, because we sort of like it. Now, instead of linking to general news items below and expanding on one in the space above, this will primarily be fantasy based. I think you’re probably catching on to a theme here…

Anyways, normally the item highlighted here will be something more recent that’s surfaced on the Internet machine within the past 24 hours and more likely from this morning, like an important news item with fantasy impact, or an interesting piece of analysis from a fellow blogger. Today’s item that starts us off is the rare exception, but it’s definitely interesting.

As draft season reaches its peak over the next few weeks, there’s an important fact that should be obvious, but often isn’t. Many fantasy owners — and I include myself in that group — often overlook something that ESPN’s Matthew Berry pointed out in his Draft Day Manifesto.

Overwhelmingly when we evaluate and compare players, we look at the larger picture. We assess players by their overall production, and observe that Player X had more receiving yards than Player Y last year, or Player A had more yards per carry than Player B.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that thinking, but there are many scenarios in which that overarching view doesn’t give an accurate picture. Instead, the picture is a little skewed.

Berry explained that fantasy football is a game based on weekly results and weekly production. So then why are overall yearly numbers often the sole basis for a comparison?

The difference between trying to win every week and trying to win every season is the difference between Steve Smith’s and Roddy White’s seasons. Smith scored 176 points. White scored 173 points. Both played 16 games, so essentially, Steve Smith was 0.18 points better than Roddy White every week, right? Wrong. In fact, White outscored Smith in 8 of the 15 weeks in which they both played. So which one actually had the better season?

Again, there’s nothing wrong with using overall numbers, but when you’re putting together your draft board, dig just a little deeper. Consistency pays, and sometimes only a few points can be the difference between a mediocre finish, and a shot at a championship.

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Fantasy football is serious business. It’s an eternal struggle on the virtual gridiron that can inflate egos, destroy friendships, and ruin your new 60-inch LCD TV after you smash it with a beer bottle because Peyton Manning can’t complete a pass to save his life (he’s clearly doing this to you on purpose because he knows you need a win this week to make the playoffs).

Here at 100 Yards and Running, we’re committed to getting you all of the latest fantasy coverage. But before you start sifting through draft-rankings, team projections, and injury reports, you need to make the most important decision of your fantasy season (and possibly your entire life).

You need to choose your fantasy football team name.

There are dozens of ways you can go about choosing a team name. So let’s begin…

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We're changing teams after a long, historic run, and we also can't throw a pass over 20 yards.

My first fantasy football team featured Wayne Chrebet, Brian Griese, and Michael Westbrook. My first fantasy team sucked.

But sucking was irrelevant at the time, because the only wager involved pride. I wager my pride without thinking twice regularly on Saturday nights at local drinking establishments, so doing it in a random public league with Internet folk I didn’t know and would never know was easy. That changed later when money began to make leagues matter, but when I first stumbled upon a fantasy football league while surfing around to find the closest place to pick up tackle for a fishing trip (no, seriously), the addiction was immediate.

Over a decade later, I get to write about it now.

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The cliff beckons. Please step forward, but do so carefully. You may step forward again once the next major injury or injury concern regarding a running back is confirmed.

Welp, so ya later then. Thanks, Isaac Redman.

How serious Redman’s groin injury is remains a little confusing, because it’s an injury that he apparently first suffered during a practice on Aug. 3, and yet he still played during Pittsburgh’s preseason opener. While he wasn’t exactly productive (14 yards on five carries) he still received a typical workload for a first teamer during the opening week of preseason play.

But then why the hell is he getting an MRI today? That’s what Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, and as we slowly enter fantasy draft season, for the sake of your sanity and your fantasy team, we can only hope it’s a precautionary measure.

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And so it is, as it was written. The NFL season will likely begin without Ryan Mathews, and as mid August creeps upon us along with fantasy draft season, a running back pool that was already shallow at the top has lost a few more inches of water. Soon enough we’ll be in an ankle-deep kiddie pool, with water wings a required accessory.

I know what you’re thinking, my optimism addicted friend. Mathews will only miss 3-4 games tops, so there’s no reason to break that glass case of emotion and jump from tall buildings while wearing no clothes. And you’re right, sort of, a little bit.

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When Sidney Rice is healthy, he’s good. No, he’s very good, and he proved it with his 1,312 receiving yards back in 2009, which was good enough to place him among the top five receivers that year, behind only Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, and Miles Austin. He can run very fast and catch a football, and he can do that very often. That much we know.

But five years into his NFL career, we still don’t know if he can handle the rigors of a season. So far, there’s very little reason to think he’ll ever be able to withstand the required punishment. Don’t tell him that, though, because he’s playing in Week 1. Just ask him.

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Since we’re evidently in the mood to plant broad football questions in headline forests today and then cut them down to see if anyone hears a sound, here’s another preseason teaser to ponder.

So what say you, office chair prognosticators who may or may not have several dollars invested in Greg Olsen through your various fake teams comprised of real humans? Can one of the two reliable veterans who’s on the receiving end of Cam Newton’s bullets join the tight end revolution that’s definitely televised?

His coach sure seems to think so.

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